'Hearthstone' Daily Login Rewards Should Be Permanent

Blizzard should reward it's fans with more card packs Blizzard

Every day leading up to the release of Hearthstone’s next expansion, Journey To Un’Goro , Blizzard is giving players rewards for just logging in. The event starts today; if you open the game on any device you’ll get 50 gold, just for saying hello. Here’s the full list of rewards:

March 29: 50 gold March 30: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan card packMarch 31: 100 DustApril 1: Whispers of the Old Gods card packApril 2: Journey to Un'Goro card packApril 3: 50 goldApril 4: Journey to Un'Goro card packApril 5: The Golden Volcanosaur. Just look at that thing.

Hearthstone’s daily login rewards are the best thing that has ever come to the game. I log-in every day, regardless of where I am, to get my daily quest. Being an Arena addict who’s terrible at Arena, I run through a lot of gold very quickly. The quests allow me to build up my hoard of currency so that I can win four games and lose three games over and over. The extra gold that’s been coming from these daily rewards has allowed me to save up and not run through everything I have as quickly as possible.

Blizzard, please keep these daily rewards past this first week. Logging in every day for a free card pack, dust or gold makes the card game feel less like a grind. Players are already stuck smashing their heads against the keyboard trying to climb the Standard ladder, why not make it a bit easier for the rest of us?

I’m not a free-to-play user by any stretch of the imagination, I dump real money on real card packs multiple times a month. Still, it would be nice to get something back from the game without having to drop my money. I know asking for free stuff from a game company is kind of ridiculous, they need money to keep the lights on, but an extra pack a week or 100 gold won’t put Blizzard into bankruptcy.

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