Hearthstone Corridor Creeper Set To Win The HCT World Championship

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Corridor Creeper got teeth but no eyes, my perfect woman. Blizzard

The Hearthstone World Championship is just under a week away and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ll be heading to Amsterdam to watch the world’s best card players duke it out for a chance at international superstardom and a sweet prize pool. However, after seeing the deck lists that were released last week, I tempered my excitement because I know these games are going to be dominated by one card: Corridor Creeper. The giant purple bug is the most-used Epic at the tournament, as every player brings at least a couple of copies no matter the deck.

Corridor Creeper was a card that many didn’t think much of before the expansion. Streamers like Trump and Disguised Toast thought it was cool, but relatively to slow to be of any use. Little did they know that the Kobolds And Catacombs meta is the fastest one to date, with speedy decks like Cubelock and Aggro Paladin dominating the ladder. Because it’s a relative cluster fuck of cheap minions and board clear, it’s easy to summon the bug on turns two or three. Playing Lost In The Jungle twice with the Coin, and then killing those soldiers, will allow you to play a 5/5 with no problems. Unless you’re playing against Priest and they have Shadow Word: Death, you are going to get a ton of damage off with no real consequences for your powerful actions. I truly hate Corridor Creeper.

Ben Brode, the game’s director and flannel enthusiast, has announced there will be a balance change coming sometime next month. There’s no doubt in my mind that Corridor Creeper will get a mana boost or a damage reduction—it’s too powerful in its current state. If you aren’t running a couple squirmy things alongside Southsea Captain and Patches, why are you even playing? The card is overpowered and needs a major change, and it’s sad that Blizzard is so slow to act. I understand the devs don’t want to jump the gun and destroy the meta, but it’s already in a pretty poor state. With the World Championship set as the largest stage for Hearthstone, it’s a shame that the games might be pretty boring.

How do you feel about Corridor Creeper? What’s the earliest you’ve ever played the card? Tell us in the comments.

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