'Hearthstone' Class Arena Tier List: Who's The Best In 'Journey To Un'Goro'

Crackling Razormaw is Hunter's BFF Blizzard

Hearthstone’s Arena has changed a lot since Journey To Un’Goro. Cards that used to dominate the mode have disappeared from popular drafts and other cards that nobody looked at twice are must-picks. I’ve wasted thousands of gold pieces over the last couple of months in the Arena, even earning a couple 12-win runs along the way.

Here are the top five classes in Hearthstone’s Arena, ranked by me. Paladin, Shaman, Druid and Warrior are all pretty awful, you should avoid picking them if you have the chance. These are my rankings, but just because you use an OP class, doesn’t mean you are going to win every game. Arena games are determined by how well you can draft, if you pick the wrong cards it won’t matter which class you use. If you're new to the mode and don’t want to waste gold, I highly recommend using HearthArena to create a deck.

Hearthstone Arena Class Tier List

  1. Rogue- Maiev is the king of Arena in Journey To Un’Goro. Removal spells are super important in this format, being able to Assassinate threats like Volcanosaur or Second-Rate Bruiser, can help turn the tides of battle. Combined with strong minions like Lotus Agents and Sherazin Corpse Flower , it’s hard for any class to match its power. When drafting a Rogue deck, cards like Mimic Pod, Swashburglar and Hallucination are great, building up hand advantage is how you win games.

  2. Warlock- Rogue might be the king of single-card removal, but warlock blows up the whole board. When Arena started using the Standard format, I worried that Gul’dan would be unplayable. Without Power Overwhelming or Azure Drake how will the deck possibly keep up? I was worried about nothing, Warlock is still strong after Journey To Un’Goro . Flame Imp is still the best one-drop in the game, Abyssal Enforcer and Dread Infernal still blow up the board and Ravenous Pterrordax can put in some serious work.

  3. Mage- Drafting a Mage Arena deck is different than drafting other classes. The powerful spells you have at your disposal allows you to create decks fueled by arcane power, that can blow up a field with Blizzard or Flamestrike or transform an enemy Bog Creeper with Polymorph. As long as Jaina still has access to these spells, she’ll always remain on top. Do remember to pick more than just spells, a strong minion/magic ratio is the only way to build a perfect deck.

  4. Hunter- My favorite class in Hearthstone has had a rough time in Arena over the last year. After Whispers Of The Old Gods, Rexxar was designated to hang out with Warriors at the bottom of the tier list. JTUG gave the class Crackling Razormaw, Jeweled Macaw, Nestling Roc and so many other awesome Beast cards that it’s impossible for the class to suck. When playing Hunter, draft as many Savannah Highmanes as you possibly can, it’s the best six-drop in the game.

  5. Priest- Anduin used to be my go-to class in Arena. I’d try and find as many Kabal Talonpriests and Drakonid Operatives to add to my deck and make my minions unkillable walls of health. Spell removal cards are easier to come by in Arena, making those hulking minions easy to dispose of. Shadow Visions and Crystalline Oracle allow Priest to pull off some nasty plays, but it’s still nowhere near the power level it once was.

What’s your favorite Hearthstone Arena class? Tell us in the comments.

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