‘Hay Day’ Strategy Guide: Tips & Tricks For Leveling, Collecting Coins And Wheating & Cream/Sugar Strategies (Beginner)

‘Hay Day’ Strategy Guide: Tips & Tricks For Leveling, Collecting Coins And Wheating & Cream/Sugar Strategies (Beginner)
‘Hay Day’ Strategy Guide: Tips & Tricks For Leveling, Collecting Coins And Wheating & Cream/Sugar Strategies (Beginner) Hay Day

Hay Day, a farming simulator for iOS and Android created by the same developers behind Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Clash Royale, is an easy game to get the hang of with a few tips and tricks for leveling up, figuring out the best way to get some serious coins, and the proper strategies for wheating and managing cream/sugar.

Tips & Tricks For Leveling Up In Hay Day

Leveling up in Hay Day is done by collecting experience points (XP), which are gained by buying things, harvesting crops and claiming items you create. One of the best ways to quickly gain XP is by filling out the truck delivery orders with the highest XP bounty, and making sure to throw out the orders with low bounties.

Another great way of leveling up quickly is harvesting wheat as often as you can, but only if you keep an eye on your crops. Make sure to harvest the wheat as soon as you can, as often as you can, to reach the optimal level of XP per hour.

However, as Hay Day forum posters pointed out, leveling up too quickly in Hay Day can be a trap. It’s easy to level initially, but an anxious Hay Day player may find themselves without the necessary coins to buy the machines needed to create the produce the game requires at certain levels. Instead, the best Hay Day leveling strategy is to allow the levels to come as they may, and build up a sizeable wealth in coins during the meantime.

Best Way To Get Some Serious Coins

If you’re looking to collect as many coins as you can in the shortest time possible, you will to make sure you have all the slots at the Roadside Shop (RSS) filled at all times. Make sure to still get XP points by completing activities, but sell everything that you can to get the most coins you can.

The RSS is typically better than truck orders and visitors to get coins. And don’t buy anything from anyone else’s stand either, unless you’re planning on reselling it for more. This way, you will be able to afford the machines mentioned in the leveling section needed at later levels.

In terms of selling things at your RSS, the price something sells for is tied to how long it takes to make. Fruit for example typically sells for a high price, and quickly, but takes a while to grow. Wheat, which grows in minutes, sells for much lower. Animal feed is happy medium between the two in terms of maximizing your time compared to return.

Make sure to slap advertising on everything you can as well. Hay Day gives you one free ad every five minutes, and gains you a ton of customers coming to your RSS. If you do this, plus sell everything you have every night, you’ll be rich in coins in no time.

Strategies For Wheating & Managing Cream/Sugar

Wheating is a great way to gathering supply materials. This is because every good that you can collect in Hay Day , from crops to lures, generate random supply materials. Because wheating occurs so quickly, this makes wheat the perfect crop to farm if you’re looking for to generate supply materials.

The first thing you will want to do make sure your silo is as you can make it before before starting, hopefully to a capacity of more than 600. Make sure there’s free space at your barn as well, as you can’t get supply items when there’s no way to store the wheat.

Then sell as much as wheat as you can as quickly as you can, making sure to take advantage of your RSS, reusing the wheat to make produce like bread, or selling to your farm’s visitor. Because these visitors ask for two items, grow corn as well. This forum guide goes much more in depth.

If you’re looking to create and keep as much cream and sugar as you can, you will want to plan your production around the produce items that require it. For the Ice Cream Maker machine, make items like Cherry Popsicle and Strawberry Ice Cream because they require the least amount of materials as necessary.

For the Cake Machine focus on creating Potato Feta Cake and Red Berry Cake, as neither items don’t require any cream and sugar at all. And it goes without saying that you will want to have opened as many queues slot as you possibly can to maximize your production levels during downtimes. Assuming you sleep, of course.

Do you have any tips or tricks that helped you progress in Hay Day ? Send us an email at m.gardiner@idigitaltimes.com and if we like it, we’ll feature it. And, of course, give you props for the tip.

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