Hay Day Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Month-Long Birthday Fair

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! Supercell

Hay Day is turning ten and to celebrate, there’s going to be a month-long Birthday Fair. The event started May 21 and is expected to run until June 21, the actual anniversary date of the game.

During the Birthday Fair, a time capsule containing mystery items will be dug up and revealed through in-game events and giveaways. These not only offer great rewards but even give Hay Day farmers the chance to help real-life farmers. This is made possible through a donation from Hay Day to Rodale Institute, the latter of which help train farmers to learn regenerative farming practices. Regenerative farming is a way of creating healthier soil which in turn grows healthier food and makes healthier people.

In a statement, Supercell Marketing Lead Agnes Liou revealed that the best way to celebrate the game’s 10th birthday was to give back to real-life farmers. She added that players not only enjoy a month of fun activities, but they can also do some help in the real world.

New Update

In addition to the birthday events, farmers can also look forward to the summer update, set to introduce Mango Trees. The mangoes harvested can then be placed in the Juice Press to make mango juice or Fondue Pot for that yummy mango fondue. There’s also a Yogurt Maker coming to make different kinds of yogurts.

Being a Farmer

For those not familiar, Hay Day was the first game from Supercell to be released worldwide. Since then, it has been downloaded at least 660 million times.

As the title implies, the game challenges players to build a farm and make it reach its full potential. That means starting with a small-town farm and turning it into a full-blown business. In addition to the usual things that can be done on a farm, players can also make use of production buildings to expand their business and thus sell more goods. These include the BBQ Grill, Sewing Machine, and Cake Oven.

Hay Day is available on the Google Play Store, where it is rated at 4.5/5 stars, and the App Store with a rating of 4.7/5 stars.

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