Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Offers New Potion To Help With Traces

New potion to help with traces.
New potion to help with traces. Niantic

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has released a new potion known as Tonic for Trace Detection. What the new potion does is it brings Traces to you. Even better is that you don't have to be careful, since traces that appear with this potion are visible only to you through a special visual effect.

To get immediate access this potion, you need to go to Diagon Alley in order to get your free Tonic for Trace Detection store bundle. The bundle includes:

  • One Tonic for Trace Detection Potion
  • Ingredients to brew one Tonic for Trace Detection
  • 10 Ingredient Capacity Increase
  • Five Potion Capacity Increase
  • Five Seeds/Water Capacity Increase

For the actual recipes, a total of four new ingredients have been added in order to brew Tonic for Trace Detection. These are Baneberry, Bulbadox Juice, Angel’s Trumpet, and Erumpent Horn. Note that Erumpent Horn is typically found in Portkeys.

This new potion arrived with and update that also adds these changes:

  • The base capacity for ingredients have been increased to 210 from 200 for new players. Current players can claim the upgrade through the free bundle.
  • The base capacity of Potions and Seeds/Water have been increased to 55 from 50 for new players. Current players can get the increase through the free bundle.
  • Starting at Level 4, the Tonic for Trace Detection Potion replaces the Baruffio's Brain Elixir as a level-up reward every three levels.
  • Health Potions previously received at Level Up have been replaced by 25 Spell Energy.

Fan Festival Recap

During the Labor Day Weekend, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite had its first Fan Festival at Indianapolis. During the event, players were briefed by none other than Dragonologist Charlie Weasley, who told everyone that the Calamity had taken various species of dragons and distributed them across the park. The dragons included the Antipodean Opaleye, Chinese Fireball, Peruvian Vipertooth, and Welsh Green. An event wouldn’t be as fun without the rewards and these included, among others, 25% Wizarding XP Bonus and 2x Dark Detector Duration.

Aside from having fun catching dragon eggs and battling with dragons, those who participated at the event got to experience White River State Park with all the charms and wonder one would expect from the Wizarding World.

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