"Big-Budget" Harry Potter Game Reportedly In The Works, Launches For Next-Gen Consoles In 2021

The title is reportedly being developed by Avalanche Software.
The AAA Harry Potter title for next-gen consoles is on track for release in 2021.
The AAA Harry Potter title for next-gen consoles is on track for release in 2021. Warner Brothers

Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developer Avalanche Software are currently in the process of developing a Harry Potter title, described as a “big-budget Harry Potter game that will let players role-play as wizards and roam a vast, open-world re-creation of Hogwarts and its surrounding areas.” This is according to reports from Bloomberg's Jason Schreier. The still unnamed Harry Potter title is set to release in late 2021 for platforms “including the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.”

Despite the tense atmosphere caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, widespread backlash against franchise creator J.K. Rowling’s comments which were seen as transphobic, and the possible sale of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, it is a breath of fresh air for Potterheads that the game is still on track for its scheduled release.

That doesn’t take away from tensions caused by J.K. Rowling’s recent inflammatory tweets, though, since it has been reported that these tweets made some members of the Avalanche Software development team uncomfortable. Whether it’s for the better or worse, though, it has also been reported through Bloomberg that the Harry Potter author has “very little direct involvement” on the game’s development.

The world first received news of the enormous Harry Potter video game title in October 2018 after a Reddit user leaked videos and stills from a supposed focus playtest. We haven’t gotten a clear picture of what the game looks like yet, but the description leaked with the footage gives us a rough idea of what to expect: “Set in the 19th Century (1800's) Wizarding World, this 3rd person open-world action RPG game centers around your character with unique abilities who has earned a late acceptance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You are a newly arrived 5th year student to Hogwarts that demonstrates a latent gift for magic with a unique ability to track and identify remnants of a pottant [sic] ancient power.”

Other details confirmed include eight different wizard types to choose from and a relationship and moral system which will shape the way the game plays out. However, since then, no other rumors have been confirmed to be true such as speculations regarding its working title.

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