Harry Potter: Wizards Unite - Get the Details on Two Events for This Weekend

Looks like it's a busy weekend.
Looks like it's a busy weekend. Niantic

Looks like it’s going to be a busy weekend for wizards around the world in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. That’s because two different events are happening. Tomorrow launches March Community Day, and by Sunday, it’s the start of the March Brilliant Event Part 1.

Community Day

March Community Day happens all day Saturday, March 20, from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. local time. For this event, wizards need to go to Courtroom Ten in the Ministry of Magic and look for Arthur Weasley and Nymphadora Tonks.

Here are the features for this Community Day:

  • Special Assignments focused on returning Ministry of Magic Foundables to Courtroom Ten with rewards including:
    • Potions
    • Spell Books
    • Ingredients
    • DADA Books
  • Increased sightings of Foundables from the Courtroom Ten Registry page of:
    • Nymphadora Tonks
    • Arthur Weasley
    • Mad-Eye Moody
  • Guaranteed Wizengamot Accusation Chair fragments dropping from Ministry of Magic runestones.
  • Tonic for Trace Detection reveal:
    • More Community Day Traces
    • Only takes one hour to brew
    • Master Notes reduce brew time by 50%
  • A special one-kilometer Portmanteau that rewards Ministry Visitor’s Entrance fragments.

Brilliant Event Part 1

The Brilliant Event Part 1 starts on March 21 and runs until March 25. For this event, wizards must return Brilliant Foundables from the Brilliant Great Lakeshore. The Brilliant Foundables can be found in these locations:

  • Young Lily Evans - Wizarding Challenges.
  • Golden Snitch - Tasks.
  • Young Severus Snape - Brilliant Portkey.
  • Brilliant Young James Potter - Encounter.
  • Brilliant Wormtail - Encounter.

Meanwhile, Portkeys for this event are going to be 1.5 kilometers. Just remember that Part 1 Portkeys give wizards Part 1 rewards when they are opened. So, even if wizards open them during Part 2, the rewards remain those of Part 1.

Be sure as well to look for Bonus Assignments that are available in-game after the main tasks have been completed.

March Events

After those events, two more events are scheduled. The March Adversaries Event 2 is from March 26 to March 29, and wizards need to practice their combat skills for their fight against Peter Pettigrew and the Ukrainian Ironbelly.

Then, the last event, Part 2 of the Brilliant Foundables, will run from March 20 to April 2.

Read more about the March events here.

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