Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Launching Worldwide this Year

Exciting news Potterheads!
Exciting news Potterheads! NetEase

Wands at the ready Potterheads! Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is launching worldwide later this year. This free-to-play game combines the elements of massively multiplayer, strategy roleplay, and card collection. It's going to be available on both Android and iOS.

The game is being developed by Warner Bros. Games working with NetEase. Pre-registration is now available for players in the Americas, Europe, and Oceania. Those who pre-register get exclusive rewards once the game is officially launched. There are also additional rewards unlocked by reaching certain milestones. The first reward is the Nimbus 2000 and unlocked at 500,000 player sign-ups. By the way, pre-registration is limited for now to Android players.

In the game, players start as young witches and wizards, ones who have just received their acceptance letters to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After that, players can customize their characters and experience what magical education is all about. That means buying school supplies at Diagon Alley, being Sorted by the Sorting Hat, and joining the Dueling Club, to name a few.

The game offers players a new story though they still get to see familiar faces from the original Harry Potter series. As players progress, they get to learn spells and charms which they can cast in the form of cards. To master the spells, players need to gather as much magical knowledge as they can. They also need to come up with unique strategies and devise winning combinations.

Early Release

While the upcoming release of the game is indeed exciting, it's actually been launched in a few areas. Players in the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan regions already had their hands on the game back in September 2021. It has since topped the App Store in those areas as the number one game.

For other regions in Asia, pre-registrations and closed beta tests are scheduled to start later this year.

In a statement, Warner Bros. Games President David Haddad revealed that they worked with NetEase to come up with what could be the most robust multiplayer experience set in the Harry Potter universe. He added that they managed to make use of the best-in-class development and publishing capabilities to give players a captivating gameplay experience.

NetEase Founder and CEO William Ding shared that the game has not only been a success with the current players but also the reception of the fans has been extraordinary. He went on to say that they are excited to launch the game to a worldwide audience.

What do you think, Harry Potter fans?

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