Hard West 2 Now on Open Beta

Join the test now.
Join the test now. Ice Code Games

The open beta for Hard West 2 is now live on PC through Steam. It will give testers a quick feel of the full campaign and introduce them to some of the special abilities they can get on their journey. The open beta lasts until June 5.

This sequel ups the ante present in the original game in every way. The new Bravado system allows players to have a more aggressive approach to tactics and combat.

The game invites players to conquer the Dark Frontier. The story starts when first-class conman Gin Carter raids a legendary “ghost train” to look for gold. However, he realizes that the train is haunted by none other than the Devil himself. It’s now up to Gin to lead a posse of strange outlaws in an attempt to save his soul.

Key features of the game include:

  • Unleash Your Bravado
    • Players can rack up kills to activate the new Bravado State and replenish their Action Points.
    • Rush out of cover, go on the offensive, and chain together stylish kills to extend streaks.
  • Shootouts on the Move
    • The game’s turn-based combat is set in dynamic shifting environments.
    • Players need to keep their brain as busy as their trigger.
    • Let those western imaginations run wild, from horseback chases to tense train holdups.
    • Don’t forget to hone those strategic skills to a fine edge.
  • Supercharged Posse
    • Discover mysterious playing cards to build the crew’s poker hands.
    • Arm the crew with guns, explosives, trinkets, or just some beans and whiskey to keep them in top shape.
  • Unnatural Leader
    • Players are responsible for growing the posse of gunslinging outlaws, witches and other mysterious beings.
    • Players need to make the right calls to get more Loyalty Points and new skills for those closest to them.
    • Choosing poorly tests their commitment to the cause.
  • ​The Good, the Bad, and the Undead
    • Wild West folktales and the occult collide in this character-driven story which feature the voice talents of:
      • Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series)
      • Darien Sills-Evans (Days Gone)
      • Adam Gifford (The Colony)
    • Players can also enjoy the score by BAFTA Award winner Jason Graves (Dead Space) and story co-written by Origins Awards winner and New York Times bestseller Matt Forbeck (Deadlands).

Head over to Steam and join the open beta of Hard West 2.

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