Halo: Reach Includes 6.2 Million Maps In Multiplayer Pool For PC/Xbox One

Halo Master Chief Collection
Halo Master Chief Collection Wccftech

After a long testing period, Halo: Reach has finally announced its release date on PC and Xbox One for December 3. Many players are going to indulge themselves in the single-player and multiplayer Halo experience. While you are eagerly waiting for the game itself, Microsoft came up with some exciting news regarding the amount of downloadable multiplayer maps players will have at launch.

In a blog post, Microsoft confirmed that players will be able to download from a pool of a whopping 6.2 million maps for Halo: Reach. The map pool includes legacy maps that were made by the community for Halo 3, Halo: Reach, and Halo 4. These maps have been brought over to this map pool.

If you will be playing Halo: Reach on Xbox One, you can log in to The Master Chief Collection and find all of these maps via file-finder. On PC, however, the games in The Master Chief Collection will launch one-by-one, so players can find these maps within Halo: Reach itself.

These maps will be available to play on PC at Halo: Reach's launch. This is good news, considering that the Halo map-making mode, Forge, won’t be coming to PC until 2020. Additionally, the theater mode that enables players to preview their recent multiplayer matches will also have to wait until 2020.

Moreover, the blog post from Microsoft listed a few more important details regarding Halo: Reach on PC, including:

  • Overall mouse input quality has been "greatly improved" over the betas.
  • Variable frame rate (VFR) will be available at launch.
  • The audio encoding had to be changed for the PC release, and this means it will sound different compared to the Xbox 360 original. The team is working on addressing this.
  • Microsoft is planning to upgrade the servers in its data centers for launch to improve the matchmaking experience.
  • There is push-to-talk communication by pressing and holding the V key.
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