Halo: The Master Chief Collection Patch Notes: Instability Issues, Forge Lighting Fixed

New update for Halo: Master Chief Collection
New update for Halo: Master Chief Collection theverge

343 Industries recently resolved some major bugs for Halo: The Master Chief Collection both on Xbox One and PC. Issues such as projectiles teleporting to players on the other side of the map and stability issues while ending campaign missions were fixed.

343 Industries also addressed a memory leak on the pause menu which made the game stutter and look choppy. The forge game mode also got a lighting fix over all its variants, allowing you to create maps with ease. You can upload forge content to the workshop for players to access your maps.

Halo: Master Chief Collection 5/21 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

General Bug Fixes (PC)

  • Fix to the Easy Anti-Cheat splash screen on launch

Halo 2 (All Platforms)

  • Improved stability when leaving or ending Campaign Missions
  • Fixed an issue that caused projectiles and grenades to teleport to players elsewhere on the map

Halo 2: Anniversary (All Platforms)

  • Updated Shrine Map Variants for the H2A Team Hardcore playlist
  • Flag return time in Big Team Battle CTF set to 15 seconds from 5

Halo 2 (PC)

  • Resolved Installation issue for Extended Language Pack voice not being installed
  • When playing on a high FOV the LOD textures now render more consistently
  • A connection interrupted issue has been resolved when entering the final cutscene on co-op Campaign
  • Big Team Three Plots score now accurately requires 600 seconds to win

Halo 2: Anniversary (PC)

  • Textures now appear appropriately on “The Oracle” for those with AMD GPUs
  • Fixed a memory leak on the pause menu during Campaign
  • Forge variant maps now have correct lighting applied

Halo 2: Anniversary (Xbox One)

  • Fixed an issue causing the HUD to be off-centered when zooming while playing splitscreen multiplayer

Halo 3 (Xbox One)

  • Resolved a Crash when loading into the multiplayer map Valhalla
  • Resolved an issue causing Rubber-banding, desynced vehicles, objectives, and objects, missing effects, and overall instability during Halo 3 multiplayer sessions
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