Halo 3 PC Launch Just Around The Corner, Known Issues Of MCC Detailed

Halo 3

Halo 3 beta testing is over, so its proper release on PC should be just around the corner. Halo 3 will be the fourth game in the Master Chief Collection to make the jump to PC, after that, its Halo 3: ODST and Halo 4's turn. The next big content update will deliver the game, but it will also include tons of fixes for several bugs that have plagued the collection for a while now.

343 Industries released a list of known issues for MCC. It includes some really annoying bugs like Xbox performance issues and audio problems in Halo: Reach. Devs at 343 are also working on fixing the mouse input bug that has been in the game since the beginning. Overall hit detection will also improve over time, however, that is not the top issue for 343.

Below is the list of known issues in MCC. You can read the complete blog from the dev team on the official site.

  • Xbox Performance: We are continuing to investigate and improve performance issues on Xbox. Updates will come along with each game release.
  • Pistol Spread for H:CE MP with Higher FPS: Initial results for the changes we rolled out with the H2 launch are overall positive. We’ll continue to monitor but for now are removing this from active status.
  • Audio Issues: Most reported issues for Reach should be fixed in the next update with Halo 3’s release, if the changes are positively received, this will be removed from the list in the next blog
  • Mouse Input: This is an area of the game that we will continue to monitor and improve upon where we can. If you are encountering issues with this, please submit a ticket at the Halo Support site. 
  • Idle Stops matchmaking: This is still on our list but nothing new to share on this one as we try to tackle higher priority issues. 
  • Achievement Issues & Support Tickets: We have continued to fix bugs around reported achievement issues. If there are achievements that you are still encountering issues with specifically, please submit a ticket at the Halo Support site. 
  • Hit Registration: We started an initial investigation a few weeks back (as you have now read above). While this is not one of our top issues coming into our support ticket system, it has been a long-standing complaint from many in the community so it is being added to the list. We will continue to investigate, share our findings with you, and hopefully be able to flight some potential changes in the near future.
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