Half-Life: Alyx Update 1.4.1 Adds Workshop Changes, Game Fixes

New update for Half-Life: Alyx
New update for Half-Life: Alyx youtube

Valve recently released a new update for Half-Life: Alyx which fixes numerous crashing issues and save file losses. Additionally, Valve added an option to turn off index preorder skins to the preferences menu.

Valve also implemented some Workshop fixes such as problems that caused transition issues between maps. These problems disabled add-ons. Additionally, Valve has reduced memory usage for making new maps and compiling them, which is really good news for creators, but Valve still recommends using 32 GB of RAM when playing.

Half-Life: Alyx 1.4.1 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

Game Features & Fixes

  • Added option to turn off Valve Index pre-order weapon skins to the Preferences menu.
  • Fixed wine bottle labels that had been regressed by the liquids update, and fixed several issues with the liquid shader.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in corrupt save games.
  • Numerous crash fixes.

Workshop Features

  • Added _ hl_vr_weapon_generic_pistol_, a data-driven weapon entity for workshop customization.
  • Included sources to many of Half-Life: Alyx's AnimGraphs as example content, plus usability improvements to the AnimGraph editor.
  • Added simple example addon for audio content, plus audio workflow improvements and fixes.
  • Added example materials and subrect files demonstrating use of more complex shaders and dynamic expressions.
  • Added support point, directional, spot and ortho lights to Source Filmmaker.
  • Added "Show Intro" toggle to hacking plugs (allows placing hacking plugs that do not play a hologram intro animation).
  • Reduced memory usage for compiling maps (32GB RAM is recommended).

Workshop Documentation

Workshop Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which was causing transitions between Valve maps to disable any loaded addons, and level transitions to not work at all for addon-to-addon transitions.
  • Fixed bug where map extensions could spawn multiple times (or not at all) when multiple addons were active.
  • Fixes and clarifications added to hacking_example map.
  • Fixed a crash in maps with a very large numbers of handposes.
  • Fixed shadow artifacts with Source Filmmaker's projected lights.
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