Gunfire Reborn April 16 Update: Fixes for Aim Assist Issues and Various Bugs

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Gunfire Reborn developer, Duoyi (Hong Kong) Interactive Entertainment Limited, recently released a new update to address multiple issues. The developers have fixed an issue where the animation of equipping weapons on certain heroes is slow after casting skills. This issue was quite annoying as it always put the player at a disadvantage while going for kills.

Aim-assist is a good thing, particularly for newbies, but some players want it turned off. This update fixes an irritating bug where aim-assist on the controller could not be turned off. Read below the other changes made by the latest patch.

Interface UI

  • Optimized the display interface when a teammate is carrying the shell in [Dinghai Bay-Final Stage]
  • Optimized icons of some status

Special Effects and Models

  • Optimized [Lei Luo]'s animation in the main menu

Sound Effects

  • Optimized the reverberation in different maps
  • Added sound effects when bullet with different materials hit different objects


  • The vault with stone monsters will not exist in the adventure with normal difficulty
  • In the vault of the spinning fire trap, lower the number of spike traps on the ground and there will be no horsehead on the second floor

Daily Challenge

  • Optimized the performance of monster resurrection in [Resurgency]
  • In Daily Challenge, there will be no red treasure chest in [Longling Tomb-Stage 1]
  • The vault with stone monsters will not exist in [Resurgency]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players could not gain immunity to elemental effect as expected with [Lei Luo]'s random talent [After casting [Fatal Current], remove self elemental effect immediately. In the next 2s, gain immunity to elemental effect and reduce DMG taken by 60%]
  • Fixed incorrect HUD counter with [Lei Luo]'s random talent [After killing an enemy 15 meters away with a crit hit, the weapon damage will be increased by 0.5% permanently]
  • Fixed an issue where [Lei Luo]'s ascension [Lightning from Void] could not be triggered when enemies are too far away
  • Fixed an issue where [Lei Luo]'s ascension [Electric Circuit] would unintentionally transmit damage based on the thunderbolt of Fatal Current instead of the weapon DMG
  • Fixed an issue where [Energy Orb] could freeze missiles launched by [Arrogant Lobster]
  • Fixed an issue where [Emergency Defense] is inactive after the player who uses [Qing Yan] is revived by teammates via Peddler
  • Fixed an issue where the volume of some sound effects could not be adjusted
  • Fixed an issue where the sound effect could not be interrupted when [Kappa] is killed if he is casting the magic ball
  • Fixed an audio issue where pain sound would not be played for players when they're hit by the killed monsters' lingering attack
  • Fixed abnormal flame direction of spinning fire traps in the corresponding trap vault
  • Fixed an issue in [Duo Fjord-Stage 2] where monsters would not jump off the rooftop at one particular place
  • Fixed an issue where red treasure chests would not spawn in some levels
  • Fixed an issue with [Thunder Storm]'s exclusive inscription [+100% radius for weapon skill's lightning ball and +100% DMG for its detonation], players cannot detonate the lightning ball by hitting the edge of the ball
  • Fixed an issue that prevents the player from interacting with the weapons that dropped at the feet of NPCs
  • Fixed an issue where the arrows that compare the damage of both weapons may reversely display
  • Fixed incorrect weapon mode prompt when [Ao Bai] is dual-wielding
  • Fixed an issue where the screen may abnormally shake when using some high RoF weapons with [Crown Prince]
  • Fixed an issue where the arrow of [ Strike Wing ] would be missing when switching to another weapon immediately after shooting
  • Fixed an issue where some weapons could not awake stone enemies on hit
  • Fixed incorrect price of some items sold by Peddler.

You can read more about the update on Steam.

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