Gunfire Reborn 29 August Patch Notes: New DLC and Bug Fixes

Gunfire Reborn 29 August Patch Notes
Gunfire Reborn 29 August Patch Notes Steam

Gunfire Reborn’s latest update brings a new DLC, Visitors of Spirit Realm. The DLC introduces two new heroes namely Li and Xing Zhe, four new weapons, and a new free game mode called Bizarre Dream. That’s not all, the developers also made some adjustments and bug fixes.

New Game Mode

Bizarre Dream is the latest free-to-play game mode available in the game. In this mode, you can experience the game in multiple ways by trying different game options. Bizarre Dream currently offers two options: Spiritual Link and Mysterious Jokul.

New Weapons

There are four new weapons available to use in this update.

  • The first weapon is the Cloud Weaver, a pistol that launches five controllable spiritual spikes, which gain extra damage on the distance traveled.
  • The second weapon is the Arc Light, a pistol that can inflict lightning on enemies nearby. After dealing four hits, it grants you one Dagger Fan. The Dagger Fan marks enemies and inflicts two extra lightning when they are hit.
  • The third weapon is the Hexagon, a rifle that can deploy a shield to block attacks after using 18 bullets. The shield fires a seeking shot when retracted, and the damage depends on the number of shots taken.
  • The fourth weapon is the Lightning Ksana, a sniper that can deploy a blocking shield on teammates.

Gunfire Reborn 29 August Patch Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that [Lei Luo’s] Ascension – [Lightning from Void] cannot be triggered by Injector.
  • Fixed an issue that [Thunderbolt] triggered by [Lei Luo’s] Ascension - [Thunder Nemesis], is not properly affected by the DMG bonus from [Thunderbolt Converter]
  • Fixed an issue that the motion of [Bandit Retainer] is improper after firing.
  • Fixed an issue that some monsters’ death effects are improper.
  • Fixed an issue that the visual effect of [Immortal] enhancement is invisible when the monster is downed.
  • Fixed an issue that the effect of [Corrosive] enhancement may incorrectly remain.
  • Fixed an issue that the returned copper from [Premium Membership] and [Enhanced Premium Membership], is affected by the bonus effect.
  • Fixed an issue that under certain circumstances, the reload speed is incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue that the Projectile amount of [Hell] and [Porcupine] in Arsenal are not consistent with actual amount.
  • Fixed multiple ground stuck issues in the game.
  • Fixed an issue that the BGM will not change to the right one when the battle is finished.

You can read more about the update here.

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