Guilds of Delenar Patch Notes Include Dungeon Lighting, Gold Balances, and Fixes

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Batholith Entertainment, the developer of Guilds of Delenar, just released an update that adds new features. The devs want the game to focus more on dungeons by increasing existing features. The dungeons now have new node types, floors, and mini-bosses, with more coming in the near future. The update improved the lighting in dungeons, which made dungeon elements more visible.

Since gold is an important resource in the game, the patch rebalanced it in marauding parties. While heroes are getting more lore and soulbound items. The developers are planning upcoming changes, such as quests for home town heroes and additional balancing on gold.

Guilds of Delenar Update

Patch Notes:

  • Added lights to the dungeons
  • Added guild battles nodes to the dungeon. These nodes give no items, but give large amounts of fame.
  • Fixed some highlight issues caused by the new highlight systems.
  • Fixed a graphical error with shields.
  • Marauding parties now give substantial gold for beating them.
  • Marauding parties now give decent fame for beating them.
  • Fixed an issue where marauding parties would not be leveled correctly...
  • Fixed come click through issues that had to do with the new guild house features.
  • The mouse wheel scrolling now works when the mouse is over your character card area in the guild house.
  • Fixed a bug dealing with the fame bar when loading a save file where a party is in a dungeon.
  • Soulbound items have been added to the game. For now this is only to allow us to give Hometown heroes good gear, that you then cant strip them of
  • Added better (but soulbound) gear to all home town heroes
  • Tutorial text is now black (and thus easier to read).
  • While choosing a target for a skill, if you press Escape it will not toggle that skill off.
  • Fixed a bug where dragging an item onto a Gem could duplicate the item.
  • Fixed a bug with zoom scaling when entering a dungeon.

You can read more about the patch here.

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