Guild Wars 2 Secrets of the Obscure Expansion Launching This August

Get ready to uncover the secrets. ArenaNet

A new expansion is arriving on Guild Wars 2 next month called Secrets of the Obscure. This is the game's fourth expansion, officially launching on August 22. It will introduce a new chapter to the story and let players soar their way in new maps high in the skies of Tyria.

Once the expansion goes live, players can look forward to the new and streamlined way of obtaining a skyscale mount and new Masteries. These new flight Masteries were developed to complement existing Mastery lines. For example, as players progress, they unlock the ability of flying mounts via ley lines and updrafts. The new Mastery line also has the previous skyscale abilities like Air Rescue and Wall Launch. For those who like to grind, dedicated players will unlock bonuses when training both Masteries.

By the way, completing the entire Mastery track unlocks a demonic skyscale mount skin.

Seek and Close the Rift

During their adventures in this expansion, players get to master the Heart of the Obscure. This is a mystical artifact which allows them to unlock additional capabilities as they train with it. They're going to need its strange powers to track and destroy rifts.

New Content

  • Battle
    • Strike Missions
      • Assemble allies and take down formidable bosses in two Strike Missions - instanced boss fights for squads of 10 players.
      • Both new Strike Missions are available at launch with challenge modes for each coming in following releases.
    • Fractal Dungeon
      • A new five-player Fractal of the Mists, along with its challenge mode, is available as part of the planned content updates.
  • Buildcraft
    • Elite Specialization Weapon Access
      • Get more flexibility and playstyle diversity by equipping weapons that were previously exclusive to elite specializations.
    • Relics and Runes
      • Relics augment build with special additional effects and complemented by the streamlined and revamped rune system.
    • New Weapon Access
      • All nine professions get access to another weapon from the armory.
      • These weapons give each profession new skills and fighting styles to go along with all the other combat system changes arriving in the expansion.

Pre-purchase Now

Pre-purchase of this expansion is now open. Those who pre-purchase are guaranteed to receive these:

  • Demon Hunter title
  • Arcane Spellweaver's Hat Skin
  • Eagle Eye weapon skin of the player's choice.

Learn more about the upcoming expansion here. Guild Wars 2 is available on PC.

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