The Guild 3 Update EA Fixes Minor Bugs, Adds New Error Tracking System

The Guild 3 New Update
The Guild 3 New Update youtube

THQ Nordic recently released a new update for The Guild 3 which fixes a few bugs and adds a new economic system. Some general bugs were fixed along with crashing issues in the latest patch. THQ Nordic also looked into a bug where you could unlock trade markets in the beginning.

THQ Nordic switched their error tracking system to Sentry from Backtrace. The Guild 3 is bringing in a new economics system for every district with its on economic guides. The developers are asking the players to test the system out before they roll it out for the live servers.

The Guild 3 Update EA Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

Build number: 602143

Bug fixes

  • Some crashes and some smaller general bugfixes for Multiplayer
  • Characters did not show up in the user interface of the port building
  • Fixed a bug where far trade markets via the port building were unlocked from the very beginning (before it is unlocked by having the Free Citizenship)

We hope to get your help for a test regarding the new economy system: you will find a second version of the London map in the map selection menu, where every district/village has its own economy. We would be grateful if you could compare both maps and fill out a short survey regarding the changes we made in patch to London: Google Form


  • The error tracking for the game was switched from Backtrace to SentryImportant: Crash dumps for bug reports can now be found in ‘C:UsersusernameAppDataLocalGuild3sentryreports’ per default (for easy access open Windows Explorer and type the following in the address field: ‘shell: Local AppdataGuild3sentryreports’)
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