GTFO Rundown 7.0 Rise is Out

GTFO Rundown 7.0
GTFO Rundown 7.0 Steam

GTFO recently received an update that added several new features, graphics settings, and bug fixes.

New Features

This update introduced 10 new expeditions for Rundown 7.0. They have five tiers of difficulty ranging from difficulty “A” to “E.” Additionally, developers added Evaluation Expedition for new players to help them understand the Expeditions and other parts of the game.

New Graphics Settings

The developers introduced three new graphics settings in this update. The first is the advanced setting Shadow Updates Per Frame, which allows players to set a fixed amount of shadow for every frame. If you want to get more FPS, it would be best to lower the value.

The second setting is Shadow Quality, which defines the quality of shadows in the game. Setting this high can affect overall performance, especially for low-end machines.

The last setting is Fog Quality, and it's quite important with a lot of fog in the game. This new option helps because players can now control fog quality according to their machines.

Players can try out the game for free this weekend, which lasts until 1 p.m. EST Monday, June 20.

GTFO Rundown 7.0 Rise

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where CFoam usage is inconsistent between host and client
  • Fixed bug where booster effect was not being applied if you placed a sentry then picked it back up again
  • Fixed bug where mines won’t damage a client unless the client is crouching or jumping
  • Fixed bug where overhead Player Info would show ammo info for equipment that has infinite ammo
  • Fixed bug where if you damaged a door yourself, an incorrect voiceline would play
  • Fixed bug where an invalidate SNet Replicator Key would cause unintended effects
  • Fixed bug where standing close behind a sentry leads to shot trajectory distortion
  • Fixed bug where an exploding mine at an already destroyed door would play the breaking animation again
  • Fixed bug where downed players would get revived when teleported between dimensions
  • Fixed bug where the door flaps on the large security doors would go to a closed state when the door is opened
  • Fixed bug where the status on the Security Doors didn’t update
  • Fixed bug where the Mine Deployer could blink while still attached to the clients’ backpack
  • Fixed bug where the Health Bar could show as yellow and not reset correctly when starting a new expedition
  • Fixed bug where you could interrupt burst firing weapons
  • Fixed bug where consumables sometimes could not be picked up after swapping them
  • Fixed bug where the animation for inserting the Matter Wave Projector didn’t always show
  • Fixed bug where Player Bots were unable to revive players if they went down on top of some objects

You can read more about the update here.

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