GTFO: January 21 Patch Improves Player Bots and More

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GTFO is a cooperative horror shooter where you are part of a four-person team fighting against the lurking horrors found in the Complex. This game is best played with four people, but if you are the only human player in the team, some bots will fill the roster so you can complete the expeditions with backup.

That said, developer 10 Chambers Interactive has deployed a new update that effectively tweaks the bots’ behavior, making them more reliable than before.

Improved AI

Bots are smarter now when it comes to engaging enemies. They are less likely to fight in melee to avoid sticky situations.

The bots will try their best to avoid getting shot by sentry guns as well. They’ve become better when it comes to prioritizing which part of the enemy they need to attack for the kill. Furthermore, they now make smarter choices when it comes to what items they carry.

Some bug fixes have also been implemented. For instance, meleeing enemies from behind will now correctly apply the right amount of damage.

Patch Highlights

  • Added option for enabling sound when tabbed out of the game
  • Added option for hiding the Voice Communication text in the chat
  • Added option for muting the Voice Communication audio
  • Enabled ability to change the language while in a game. Some texts won’t be translated until you exit the expedition
  • All chat messages are now erased between games
  • Added a few new translations
  • Fixed bug where joining a D4 game in progress can teleport players to a locked zone
  • Fixed multiple Terminal Uplink bugs related to using checkpoints or joining games in-progress
  • Fixed bug where the Scout stance was not consistent for Hosts and Clients
  • Fixed bug on D4 where areas revealed from the teleports would show on the main map
  • Fixed bug where the flashlight did not wake up sleepers at a close-to-mid range
  • Fixed bug where bots would walk too slow carrying objective items
  • Fixed bug where enemy wave spawning sound was played more frequently than it should
  • Fixed bug where the melee visual and sound effects would not play for other players when hitting objects
  • Fixed bug where the Prisoner Evaluation and Artifacts Collected texts could be badly split into multiple lines on the Expedition Success screen

GTFO January 21 Patch is available on PC.

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