GTFO December 21 Patch: Changes and Bug Fixes

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GTFO recently received a new update that made some changes and fixed several bugs.

The developers have renamed the PSON-EA Palette to Early Adopter. Also, the palette comes with fancy new colors. This palette is only accessible to those who have played the game during Early Access. If players haven’t received it even after meeting the requirements, don’t worry because the developers are looking into it and will reward them after the fix.

The developers have fixed two bugs when pressing Escape. The fix for the canceling of first-person mode and weapon animations is brought by this patch. The other fix is for the issue where players couldn't switch weapons when using a C-Foam launcher.

GTFO December 21, 2021 Patch Notes

New Features and Changes
  • Added some missing translations and updated some existing ones.
  • Improved readability of some languages (mostly Asian) by removing the bold from most text components and strategically replacing some underlines for bold.
  • Added Third Person fog repeller throwing animations.
  • Removed "Scan" (with biotracker) option from communication menu. The bots do this on their own.
  • Improved the terminal autocomplete to include multiple underscores.
  • Tweaked the C-Foam Launcher power bar colors.
  • Boosters are now unprepared when leaving a lobby.
Scattergun Tweaks
  • Updated description.
  • Significantly reduced damage.
  • Removed piercing.
  • Max ammo capacity reduced from 16 to 14.
Burst Sentry Tweaks
  • Significantly reduced ammo capacity.
  • Increased burst delay.
D2 Level Tweaks
  • Adjusted the floating enemy scan waves.
  • Adjusted the charger scout wave.
  • Increased verification rounds to 5.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where clients would not get artifact/booster credit on Expedition Fails.
  • Fixed bug where the Spear could pierce more than intended.
  • Fixed bug where sentry guns placed by bots became unusable by said bot after checkpoint restore.
  • Fixed bug where there could be a constant red x on the HUD.
  • Fixed a bug where some words would split their text wrapping in the middle of the word on the Expedition Success screen.
  • Partially fixed bug where bots wouldn’t phase through objects as a pathing safety measure. If they still get stuck, try moving around more.
  • Fixed an exception caused by bots trying to spawn while the elevator is still loading. Now they will wait until the level has finished loading.
  • Fixed an exception related to Fog Repellers.

You can read more about the update here.

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