GTA Online Weekly Update: Enjoy the Party with Nightclub Business Bonuses

Enjoy the club.
Enjoy the club. Rockstar Games

When the sun goes down in Los Santos, expect to see an exciting change. The local population become party animals and dance those worries away. This is good news for those who have a Nightclub. This week in GTA Online, the fun goes a level higher with the Nightclub Bonuses.

For example, Promotion Missions is giving out twice as much Popularity than usual. Meanwhile, players get a 50% bonus on Daily Income deposited into their Safe. In addition, the speed of Warehouse Goods Production is doubled, which means shorter turnaround times between big sales.

It’s not just business available this week since there are also the discounts offered. Those who own a Nightclub can beef up security with Security Upgrade being offered at 40% discount. Executives interested in upgrading their Office Accommodations should do it this week with the 30% discount offered. The MC Clubhouse is also being offered at 30% off.

Free Items

For this week, Bikers able to finish a single Sell Mission get a pair of Green Square Shades free. Those who can complete a Special Cargo Sell Mission can get the free White Graphic Smoking Jacket. Finally, completing a Gunrunning Sell Mission allows players to get their hands on the White Vom Feuer Cap, again for free.

Extra Rewards

There's only one activity offering extra rewards this week. Don't be too sad since this one is worth it. It's all about the Cross the Line Adversary Mode. Here, the goal is for players to have all their team members across the field and into the opponent’s endzone at the same time. It's challenging and a lot of fun. Regardless of who wins, all competitors get 4X GTA$ and RP.

Lucky Wheel

If doing those missions and going to the club are stressing you out, get some time off and head over to The Diamond Casino & Resort. Don’t forget to drop by the lobby and give the Lucky Wheel a spin. The top prize this week is the Benefactor Schlagen GT.

Vehicle Discounts

For this week, the vehicle discounts offered are:

  • MTL Pounder Custom (60% off)
  • Lampadati Tropos Rallye (50% off)
  • Mammoth Patriot Stretch (50% off)
  • Benefactor Turreted Limo (40% off)
  • Enus Stafford (40% off)
  • Vapid Flash GT (40% off)
  • Ubermacht SC1 (30% off)

Check out what's being offered this week here. GTA Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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