GTA Online Weekly Update: Import/Export Missions Giving Bonus GTA$ and RP

Time to do business.
Time to do business. Rockstar Games

In Southern San Andreas, some executives are not afraid to get their hands dirty when it comes to getting as many income streams as they can. This week in GTA Online, the focus is on white-collar criminals who make sure the black market is always operational.

What that means is players are tasked with being part of the exotic vehicle trade by sourcing, storing, modifying, and offloading precious vehicular cargo. Executives who own a Vehicle Warehouse can trade stock in Import/Export Sell Missions, and these Executives can earn an additional 50% bonus GTA$ and RP.

Those looking for more rewards can try out these modes for double rewards:

  • Special Cargo Sell Missions
  • Premium Deluxe Repo Work
  • Top Fun
  • Sumo (Remix)


There are some interesting freebies this week like the Armored Karin Kuruma. This one is available at the Southern San Andreas Super Autos until June 22.

There's also a free rebate of GTA$1M for those able to buy the Galaxy Super Yacht and finish all six A Superyacht Life missions. This offer is valid until July 6.

Lucky Wheel

For this week, the top prize at the Lucky Wheel is the Grotti Turismo R. This hybrid hypercar makes the idea of "fuel economy" obsolete. To get a chance to win this beauty, visit the lobby of The Diamond Casino & Resort.


Every businessperson worth their salt knows that it's important to have a space that speaks their mission and sensibilities. The good news is that this week, Dynasty 8 Executive is offering Executive Offices and Office Garages at 50% off. Meanwhile, customization options for Offices, including Interiors and other Extras, are available at a 30% discount.

For discounted vehicles, this week's offers are:

  • Karin Previon – 30% off
  • Grotti Furia – 30% off
  • Grotti X80 Proto – 30% off
  • Benefactor Krieger – 40% off
  • Benefactor Schlagen GT – 40% off
  • Benefactor Stirling GT – 40% off
  • Bravado Gauntlet Classic Custom – 40% off
  • Grotti Cheetah Classic – 40% off
  • Grotti Stinger – 50% off
  • Pegassi Speeder – 50% off
  • Nagasaki Stryder – 50% off
  • Enus Cognoscenti (Armored) – 50% off

Check out what else is happening this week here. GTA Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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