GTA Online Transform Races Coming Oct. 17

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GTA Online is getting awesome-sounding Transform Races, and we now know when players will be able to try out the new mode. According to a trailer just released by Rockstar, which can be viewed above, Transform Races will launch on Oct. 17.

The main hook of Transform Races are new checkpoints that change the player’s vehicle type. For example, players can race cars onto the beach and straight into the ocean. If there’s a properly placed transform checkpoint, the car will instantly turn into a boat or jetski. The race will then continue until another transformation happens or players reach the ending.

GTA Online's new Transform Races allow you to use different vehicles during a race Photo: Rockstar

Another special feature of Transform Races are Warps. Warps are exactly what they sound like: a checkpoint that instantly transports a player to a different location. One second you could be racing in the crowded streets of downtown Los Santos, and the next you might be barreling over mounds of dirt out in the fringes of Blaine County.

Rockstar has confirmed parachutes will be a vehicle type in Transform Races. This idea, paired with the Warps, makes my mind dizzy already. Players will probably end up getting shot high up into the air, only to skydive back down and probably into something else like a motorcycle or super car. It sounds just like a James Bond chase sequence, and I want in.

We can probably expect a few other things releasing Transform Races. A new vehicle and possibly some extra customization options for characters or vehicles seem likely. Based on the trailer, some kind of bike/hang glider hybrid looks to be a vehicle you can use in Transform Races, so that will probably be purchasable at some point.

As for the other announced game modes like Condemned and Dogfight, those must be coming in later updates. GTA Online updates every Tuesday, so expect to see a new mode released in a week or two.

What do you think? Are you excited to try tackling these new Transform Races in GTA Online ? Are you going to make your own crazy race using the new tools? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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