GTA Online Adds New Car, Double GTA$ In Motor Wars

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The new Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic is now available in GTA Online. Rockstar

It’s Tuesday, which means GTA Online is getting another update. New this week is an extra vehicle, plenty of ways to earn extra GTA$ and of course, a new premium race and time trial to tackle.

Let’s start off with the new wheels. Today’s addition is the Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic. This old-school muscle car looks like a classic Mustang and is available from Legendary Motorsport as of right now. This car won't break any land speed records, but you will look pretty cool cruising around Los Santos with your buddies.

If you can’t afford the Rapid GT Classic, there are a number of opportunities to earn some extra cash this week. From now through Sept. 18, players can earn Double GTA$ and RP for playing the new Motor Wars game mode, all Rockstar-created Stunt Races and Smuggler’s Run sell missions. Additionally, Bodyguards and Associates will also earn double their normal GTA$ salary.

If you participate in any of these events, and want to spend all your newfound cash, several items will be discounted through Sept. 18. For aviation enthusiasts, there are 25 percent discounts on Countermeasures, aircraft engine upgrades and armor upgrades from the Hangar Workshop. If you want some new wheels, the Truffade Nero and Pegassi Tempesta are also 25 percent off, as are all engine and armor upgrades for cars.

Last up are the new races. This week’s premium race is Big M, locked to motorbikes. This week’s time trial race is LSIA. Premium races can be found on your in-game phone’s Quick Jobs app or in Legion Square. Time trial races must be visited on the map. As always, all participants in premium races earn triple RP with the top three finishers winning GTA$ as well. Beating the par time for the time trial races will also earn players GTA$ and RP rewards.

So what do you think? Are you excited to customize the Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic and ride around in style? Will you be taking advantage of any discounts or bonus rewards this week? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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