GTA Online Launching Los Santos Summer Special On August 11

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A new event is launching next week.
A new event is launching next week. Rockstar Games

GTA Online announced that the Los Santos Summer Special is going to arrive on August 11. Considering that it’s now Friday, that should be enough time to make the most of other activities until the Summer Special gets here. This is because once the event is launched, there’s going to be a lot of things to do. There’s going to be new co-op missions as well as new Open Wheel Races.

What can players expect from this upcoming summer special? Galaxy Super Yacht owners are going to be able to take on a new series of missions. They can complete the missions solo or with as many as three shipmates. Missions range from going deep-sea diving to some high-speed hi-jinks on the high seas. No doubt there’s going to be something for every sailor, no matter what their stripes are.

Then there’s the new Business Battles that are going to hand out some serious rewards and are going to be held in some surprising locations as well. There’s also going to be a little something for everyone at the Diamond Casino & Resort in the form of Adversary Modes.

For those who just want to take things casually, the auto websites are going to be flooded with at least a dozen new vehicles that everyone can purchase. These include rides for Benny to customize, off-roaders, and even tunable sports cars. There’s also a pair of Open Wheel beauties available. Once you have access to any of these, you can push them to their limits in the new Open Wheel Races. Players can also use the new Open Wheel Race Creator and design their own street circuit.

Of course this upcoming update wouldn’t be complete without the usual general improvements and fixes. That said, players can also expect to take part in a series of weekly special events and bonuses that are going to be released over the coming months.

Finally, Rockstar also teased that heists will be coming back in a big way later this year, with Rockstar claiming that the next big update will be GTA Online's biggest update yet.

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