GTA Online Weekly Update: Survival Series And Arena War Handing Out Double Rewards

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Survive and earn more rewards.
Survive and earn more rewards. Rockstar Games

If you’ve ever wanted to see how you good you are against waves of enemies in GTA Online, then the Survival Series is the mode for you. This is one of those modes that you pretty much either like or you don’t. Good news for fans though, GTA Online is handing out double rewards for Survival Series this week, which should make even the biggest hater ready to play.

Of course, that’s not all that’s happening. Are you familiar with Arena War? It’s basically a PvP mode that offers its own automotive flavor, with players getting the chance to earn Arena Points. These points can then be exchanged for rewards.

That said, this mode is going to pay out double GTA$ and RP for the rest of the week. Not satisfied? Don’t worry as all competitors also get triple the Arena Points. If you haven’t tries this one out yet, hopefully this is a good motivation for you.

GTA Online also revealed that over the past weekend, Arena War gladiators went hard when it came to repping the Apocalypse Variant on their Arena Contender vehicles. Such gestures don’t go unnoticed. This week all competitors, as a reward to their allegiance, get the Apocalypse Variant for any of their Contender Vehicles at a 50% discount. These are the variants available under the discount:

  • Bruiser
  • Brutus
  • Cerberus
  • Deathbike
  • Dominator
  • Impaler
  • Imperator
  • Issi
  • Sasquatch
  • Scarab
  • Slamvan
  • ZR380

If you think that’s a good deal, then be prepared for more as the Arena Workshop is also being offered at 50% off. Meanwhile, Arena Workshop Customizations and Add-ons are available at 40% off.

If all this talk of Arena War and Survival Series is starting to stress you out, then take some time to unwind and head on over to The Diamond Casino & Resort. Give the Lucky Wheel a spin for a chance to win some prizes. This week the top prize is the Dinka Sugoi. This is the perfect compact hatch back for picking up some groceries or going for contraband runs.

Of course, the update wouldn’t be complete without the usual discounts. This week these are:

  • Vehicles
    • RC Bandito – 40% off
    • Invade and Persuade RC Tank – 40% off
    • Pegassi Toros – 40% off
    • Schyster Deviant – 40% off
    • Principe Deveste Eight – 35% off
  • Laser Weapons
    • Up-n-Atomizer – 35% off
    • Unholy Hellbringer – 35% off
    • Widowmaker – 35% off

Finally, we go to member benefits. Twitch Prime members get GTA$200K for just playing any time this week. This is the first in a new four week set of weekly bonuses. Those that manage to play all four weeks get to earn an additional GTA$200K. This means a total of GTA$1,000,000 for playing four weeks in a row. Members can also start their Nightclub business with the free Vesppucci Canals Nightclub. There are also exclusive discounts for Twitch Prime members, including 70% off the Pegassi Oppressor and an 80% discount on the Bravado Verlierer sports car.

There’s also something for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Members get GTA$1,000,000 each month until GTA Online is officially launched for the PlayStation 5. The July monthly benefit is good until August 5, so log-in now.

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