GTA Online: GTA+ Members Getting Spine-Chilling Benefits for October

New month. New rewards.
New month. New rewards. Rockstar Games

October is almost here, and that means it's time to look into the new offers for GTA Online players subscribed to GTA+. Members should be happy to know that they can claim the Benefactor Terrorbyte.

Be ready to bring in the fear with this nightmarish armored truck. This one offers optional add-ons, such as a Turret Station, Drone Station, and Weapon Workshop. It's also the only Vehicle Workshop capable of customizing the fear-inducing Pegassi Oppressor Mk II. By the way, upgrading weapons to Mk II models through the Terrorbyte’s Weapons Workshop is available at a 35% discount.

Inside the Benefactor Terrorbyte is a touchscreen terminal. Use this to cast Client Jobs and get 2X GTA$ and RP until November 2. However, it’s important to remember that players need to have a Nightclub where they can store the Benefactor Terrorbyte.

Speaking of Nightclubs, you can take its eerie aesthetic to the next level by putting a Light Rig. After that, increase earnings by putting in extra floors of Cargo Storage to the club.

It’s Halloween!

For players get into the spirit of the season, GTA Online players who play anytime during the event get the:

  • Mummy outfit
  • Pumpkin Hoodie
  • Gray Cracked Puppet mask
  • Grimy Stitched mask

Persistent Benefits

Even when times are dark, CEOs and VIPs still get to breathe rare air. This is especially true to GTA+ Members who can enjoy the waived fees for Abilities like Ghost Organization, Bribe Authorities (accessed from the Interaction Menu), and Vehicle Requests.

Another feature that members can take advantage of are the special GTA+ Shark Cards, in all denominations available with 15% extra bonus. It’s available at the store tabs in the Pause Menu on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

GTA+ is a subscription service priced at $5.99 per month. Members can claim all benefits for the duration of the event. Read more about what benefits are available for October here.

In addition, every month a player who is a GTA+ Member gets a bonus of GTA$500,000 delivered upon billing and deposited automatically into their Maze Bank account.

What do you think? Is it still worth getting the membership? Be a member now and enjoy a bunch of benefits.

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