GTA Online: GTA+ Members Get the Ocelot Jugular for Free

An exciting freebie this month for members. Rockstar Games

This month in GTA Online, those who have subscribed to the GTA+ service get to have their hands on another excellent freebie. This time around it's none other than the sleek 4-door sports sedan that is the Ocelot Jugular. This fun-to-drive sports car was developer to help impress your Valentine's date, or any other date for that matter. GTA+ members can head on over to the Vinewood Car Club or the Legendary Motorsport in-game website to claim this vehicle.

Having a new vehicle won't be a problem for members since they get access to five floors of the storage available at the Vinewood Club Garage. Then again, members have the chance to try out the rotating selection of vehicles in The Vinewood Club in Freemode.

For this week as well, members can claim the Soft Pink Pearl Chameleon Paint and Pink Prismatic Chameleon Wheel Paint. All they need to do is simply bring any eligible vehicle to any Los Santos Customs, Auto Shop, or Vehicle Workshop. By the way, they can also combine these two paints and turn that Ocelot Jugular into what could be the ultimate love mobile.

Celebrate the Lunar New Year

Members are invited to be part not only for the Lunar New Year but also Valentine's Day. They get free clothing items and accessories. For the Lunar New Year they can enjoy the Lunar New Year Shirt and Pants, which is available in Red and Black. Meanwhile for Valentine's Day they can put on the Heartbreakers Jacket and Cap.

Casino Bonuses

The Lunar New Year bring with it the promise of fortune, prosperity, and wealth. What better way to test it out than heading on to The Diamond Casino & Resort. Members who take on Casino Story Missions and Casino Work Missions will receive 2X GTA$ and RP. It's also a good time to buy their very own Casino Penthouse especially that it's being offered at 40% off.

After all that members have more reasons to be happy about. They get access to special GTA+ Shark Cards which comes with an additional 15% bonus GTA$. They also get GTA$500,000 bonus delivered each month. Finally, members get to download and play a rotating assortment of classic Rockstar Games titles along with a host of other benefits.

GTA Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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