GTA Online: GTA+ Members Get the New Albany Cavalcade XL SUV Free

See the freebies for the members. Rockstar Games

It's that time of the month again when we get to see what benefits are available for GTA+ members. The new Albany Cavalcade XL SUV is now available in GTA Online and members can get it free. They can even get their hands on other freebies that include the Camo livery or new Chameleon Paints.

The Albany Cavalcade XL can be obtained from either The Vinewood Car Club or the Southern San Andreas Super Autos in-game website. Meanwhile the Camo livery for the Albany Cavalcade XL is available from any LS Customs, Auto Shop, or Vehicle Workshop location.

The Vinewood Club Garage

Having a new vehicle won't be a problem for GTA+ Members. That's because they can get access to The Vinewood Club Garage, which has space for as much 100 vehicles. Members not only have access to the full storage capacity of The Vinewood Club Garage but also having the ability to add and remove vehicles through the Interaction Menu. Should the subscription lapse, players can still access all their vehicles housed in the garage but they won't be able to store new ones.

New Paint

This week, members can bring any eligible vehicle to any Customs, Auto Shop, or Vehicle Workshop, is Los Santos. There they can claim the Blue Rainbow Flip Chameleon Paint. They can also combine the Off White Pearl Chameleon Paint and Off White Pearl Chameleon Wheel Paint to get that slick matching paintjob. This is offered to all Members until February 7.

New Gear

GTA+ Members should be happy to know that they can celebrate the new year in style. Making this possible is the Rockstar Atomic Logo Sweater, New Year's Jacket, New Year's Pants, Western MC Jacket and Western MC Pants.

LS Car Meet Reputation

Members have the chance to increase their ranks in the underground racing circuit of Los Santos with the double Reputation points being on all Races over at the LS Car Meet. Players can also bring an eligible vehicle to the LS Car Meet and get 20% discount on the price of Drift Tuning upgrades.

Extra Rewards

Members on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S can take a walk on the wild side and earn 50% more GTA$ and RP from photographing local fauna. This is part of the Los Santos Tourism Board's Wildlife Photography challenge.

GTA Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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