GTA Online: GTA+ Members Get All-Access Pass to The Vinewood Club

Enjoy an exclusive experience. Rockstar Games

With the recent release of the San Andreas Mercenaries update for GTA Online, it's another good month for those who have subscribed to the premium membership program. This month, GTA+ members get to exclusively experience the premium services by The Vinewood Club through an all-access pass.

The Vinewood Club is an all-new VIP experience which comes with curated stock of unique vehicles at The Vinewood Car Club. At The Vinewood Car Club, members can test drive these vehicles or order them to their location while in Freemode. Members can even buy the vehicles outright while enjoying an exclusive discount.

Enjoy the Freebies

It goes without saying that members get freebies as part of their subscription. One of these is the Maibatsu MonstroCiti, available at the Southern San Andreas Super Autos free until July 19. By the way, did we mention that this vehicle comes with a complimentary Chepalle Motorsport livery?

Members can also drop by the Los Santos Customs or any other auto shops and claim the two new free Chameleon Wheel Paints, Cream Pearl and Blue-Green Flip. Applying them should complete the customization of the ride.

The Operations Terminal is also free and it's an important addition to the Mammoth Avenger since it gives access to new missions. This upgrade can be claimed after buying or renovating an Avenger.


The new update has expanded the utility of the Mammoth Avenger in a truly big way. Members can customize their sky fortress and enjoy the 40% discount on new upgrades, including the Mammoth Thruster Docking Station, Front Machine Guns, and Missile upgrades.

Members can also expand their collection of aircraft with the 30% price slash on all helicopters.

Every month, GTA+ members get an extra GTA$500,000 delivered upon billing and deposited automatically into their Maze Bank account. They can take advantage of persistent benefits as well, like using Downtown Taxi Co.'s services for free and fast travel through the Skip to Destination feature.

There are also special Gun Van discounts along with free VIP and CEO Vehicle Requests. They can even obtain the special GTA+ Shark Cards with an extra 15% bonus GTA$. A subscription to the GTA+ service costs $5.99 per month.

GTA Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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