GTA Online Adds Trap Door Mode Along With Double GTA$ And RP

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Trap Door is a new adversary mode launching today for GTA Online
Trap Door is a new adversary mode launching today for GTA Online Rockstar

GTA Online has added a new adversary mode in this week’s update. The traditional double GTA$ and RP opportunities, as well as sale items, have also been updated.

Trap Door sees two teams fight to the death on a continuously shrinking platform, high above the Pacific Ocean. If you are killed in the game mode, you’ll respawn in the “red zone,” a purgatory area that gives you a few seconds to make it back to solid ground. If you don’t make it back in time, you’ll be dropped through the titular trap door into the ocean. Playing the new game mode earns you double GTA$ and RP through May 21.

Other ways to earn double the rewards this week include completing Biker Business Sell Missions and Smuggler’s Run Sell Missions through May 21.

There aren’t as many items on sale as last week’s massive list, but there still are a respectable number of vehicles if you’re looking to fill out your garage. The full list of discounted items through May 21 are as follows:

  • Executive Office Garages - 30 percent off

  • Mammoth Hydra - 40 percent off (Buy It Now and Trade Price)

  • Declasse Hotring Sabre - 25 percent off

  • Vapid GB200 - 25 percent off

  • Vulcar Fagaloa - 25 percent off

  • Ubermacht SC1 - 25 percent off

  • Coil Cyclone - 25 percent off

  • Lampadati Viseris - 25 percent off

  • Vapid Caracara - 25 percent off

  • All ammo (including Mk II) - 25 percent off

  • All Assault Rifles - 25 percent off

  • All Sniper Rifles - 25 percent off

  • All Shotguns - 25 percent off

  • Doomsday Heist tattoos - 25 percent off

Oddly enough, Rockstar didn’t mention if there will be a new Premium race or Time Trial this week, so it’s likely there aren’t new challenges to tackle here. Check back next week for new challenges.

So what do you think? Are you excited to try out the new Trap Door adversary mode? Are you surprised to see no new Premium race or Time Trial? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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