GTA Online is Set to Launch a New Underground Club

A new place to hang out.
A new place to hang out. Rockstar Games

Last week, GTA Online didn’t release the usual update and it's likely because there’s a big one coming out next week. Barring any hiccups, the Cayo Perico Heist is all set for the December 15 release. As if to sweeten the deal, developer Rockstar Games has a surprise in store for everyone.

Those who made time in Los Santos may have noticed The Diamond Casino & Resort with scaffolding and ongoing construction. In fact, you can hear noises inside if you listen closely.

As it turns out, an underground club is more than ready to open its doors to everyone. When the new heist drops, it also marks the official opening of The Music Locker.

Located under The Diamond, The Music Locker is the newest and likely to become the hottest spot in Los Santos to grab some drinks, find a partner, and dance the whole night away.

The venue is open to everyone. However, those who own a Penthouse in The Diamond get exclusive access to table service in the VIP section. For those who do manage to get a spot, be ready to rub elbows with the elite of Los Santos. There’s no question that those looking to take a break from everything can make a stop at The Music Locker.

Dance to the beat.
Dance to the beat. Rockstar Games

On the first week of opening, guests at the club will get treated to none other than Detroit legend Moodymann. Be ready to feel the groove on motor city soul, techno, and disco. Sometime later, players can expect the Berlin collective Keinemusik, and later on, Palms Trax.

Prepare for the New Heist

The new heist is not only set to introduce a new location but also some interesting mechanics. For example, players can now go at it solo or form a crew of three. This is important because the heist itself challenges players to take on a whole island. The island isn't easy: it's owned by a somewhat notorious drug dealer.

Weekly Update

While indeed no update rolled out last week, the offers in the week before stayed. You can read more about that update here.

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