Check Out What's Happening in GTA+ for May

See what's being offered.
See what's being offered. Rockstar Games

Eyes here subscribers! The GTA+ event for May has started and it’s going to run until June 1. It’s available on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

For those not familiar with this one, this is a subscription service that costs $5.99 a month. It’s offered for those who own next-gen consoles and let them claim various benefits at any point during the duration of the event. In addition, all members get a GTA$500,000 bonus.

Free Items

For May, the vehicle benefits for members include the Grotti Brioso R/A. This nimble compact was originally introduced as part of the Cunning Stunts update. In addition to being small, it’s also highly customizable.

To claim this free vehicle, players just need to head over to the Southern San Andreas Super Autos in-game website. Members can bring it to the Los Santos Car Meet and in return, claim a complimentary performance upgrade at Hao’s Special Works.

GTA+ members also have early and complimentary access to the HSW Upgrade and HSW Liveries for the Grotti Brioso R/A until May 5. That means they get it before other players can do the same in GTA Online.

The Agency

For this month as well, players can experience the most recent story-driven update by gaining immediate access to the Agency property and unlocking The Contract. This high-stakes hunt for Dr. Dre's missing music files includes appearances by Franklin Clinton, Lamar Davis, and Anderson .Paak, to name a few.

Besides being the newest adventure for solo players and groups, The Contract also features a rare inside look with Dr. Dre working his magic at Record A Studios.

Other Freebies

Players can upgrade their wardrobe and paint the town red this May with special limited apparel and accessories. These include the Red Tint Oversize Shades, Red Bangles, and Red Swirl Smoking Jacket. Members also get the red-themed Split Camo Livery for the Übermacht Cypher.

Extra Rewards

Once players get access to the Agency, they can then launch Security Contracts. This is a good way to test one’s skills as an operator. For the duration of the event, all Security Contracts are rewarding 2X GTA$ to GTA+ members.

Learn more about what GTA+ offers this May here.

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