‘GTA 5’ Single Player DLC Rumors: Expansion Could Arrive After ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Release, Says Tipster

A new cheat in GTA V has been discovered
A new cheat in GTA V has been discovered Rockstar

According to the GTA forums member and prolific tipster Yan2295, the once “dead” GTA 5 single player DLC is making a comeback! Yes, that same single player update that had been speculated since 2014. Yan2295’s post shined some light on the developing news.

Remember how I kept saying that the SP [Single Player] DLC is no longer a thing, that they [Rockstar Games] basically cancelled it and forgot about it to instead use some of it and their efforts on ‘GTA Online’ Updates? Well, apparently upper management are starting to seriously consider bringing it back,

As Yan2295 goes further, Rockstar could be reconsidering the single player DLC, but we may not see it until after Red Dead Redemption 2 launches. RDR2 is expected to release some time in fall 2017, which could mean GTA 5 could continue to receive continued DLC content and update support well until RDR2’s arrival or even after.

At the end of Yan2295’s post, he told readers and members to not make video’s titled “GTA V SINGLE PLAYER DLC CONFIRMED”... since there won’t be a video from us, we figured sharing the hint would do the news justice. Yan2295, we just can’t help it! This is long awaited news and while nothing is set in stone, it’s still a glimmer of hope.

Fans and players may not be convinced, but of course have high hopes. This “possible” GTA 5 DLC news has not been confirmed officially by Rockstar nor do we expect a word about it from the tight-lipped studio.

As per usual, should anything further develop we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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