GT Sport Update Expected To Bring 10 New Cars This Week

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Yamauchi-san teases 10 new cars coming to the next GT Sport update.
Yamauchi-san teases 10 new cars coming to the next GT Sport update. @KAZ_YAMAUCHI / TWITTER

Via Twitter, Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi has announced the next Gran Turismo Sport update will arrive this week. The team at Polyphony Digital aims to add 50 more cars to the game before March 2018, and according to the image attached in Yamauchi’s tweet, the coming update inches a little closer to the goal with 10 new vehicles.

Row by row, the cars include Le Mans icons Ferrari 330 P4, Jaguar XJ13 and the Ford GT40. The second row features classic sports cars like the Ferrari 512BB, Dodge Viper GTS, what may be a McLaren F1 and finally a Toyota 2000GT. Finally, the last row includes the Toyota FT-1, Toyota Supra, and Lamborghini Diablo.

Most vehicles coming in the update make a lot of sense as they are very much in line with the experience GT Sport wants to deliver. Iconic racing cars, priceless exotics, and modern prototypes make up the majority of GT Sport’s roster. However, there’s one car that doesn’t quite fit in the mold—the MKIV Supra.

The gorgeous ‘90s poster car harkens back to Gran Turismo titles from the past that celebrated its Japanese roots. However, time has not been kind to the Supra as it never even received a Premium Car update during the PS3’s GT5 and GT6 era. Thankfully, Yamauchi’s post suggests that’s all about to change with a new Supra recreated in magical 4K.

No specific date for the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport update has been announced at this time. Stay tuned in the days ahead.

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