‘GroupClip’ App Lets Multiple Users Collaborate On Video Content With Synchronized Filming

New free video app "GroupClip" lets up to five users film unique footage simultaneously. GroupClip

Consumers that use their smartphone as a video recording device know the limitations of only being able to capture one angle at any given moment. A new free iOS app aims to change the way footage is gathered by letting consumers record content from various different angles.

Called GroupClip, the app turns recording into a collaborative effort by letting individuals co-film together and merge the video on the application for editing. Essentially, users can shoot synchronized video clips that will seamlessly load onto the app and create multi-camera footage.

“Online video will change how we communicate and share information,” said Kasper Luursema, a founder of GroupClip, to iDigitalTimes. “It will change how we learn and innovate. In a world where video will become the primary form of information transfer there will be an unprecedented demand for easy to use tools that enable people to get their video story across. Our goal is to create tools that help the average user to optimally benefit from the potential of online video.”

The app supports up to five people for any given project and each contributor does not have to be in the same place. By connecting through Wi-Fi or cellular data, the footage loads to the app on each member’s phone.

“GroupClip distinguishes itself by offering the possibility of recording video with multiple cameras at the same time,” said Luursema. “This enables users to tell more of a story with video compared to video recorded from just one camera angle. On top of this, GroupClip offers a unique feature that enables the users to create multi-frame videos (video collages) compared to just linear video editing apps.”

To use the app, simply download and login using your Facebook info. You can create a single user video or, by inviting up to four friends, you can simultaneously record footage that will be synchronized in the cloud. The synchronized video clips can be edited in the app and each contributor can make their own video using the footage on their own app. Users can add photos, music or new videos to their creation and deactivate portions they do not want to include.

The app also has features people can utilize while they are offline. These include recording videos, editing videos and creating photo and video mashups. Footage created with GroupClip is automatically optimized to be shared on social media.

“The ideal demographic, we believe, will be younger users (12-25) who were born into the world of screens and online video,” said Luursema, whose product secured pre-seed capital in 2015.

For consumers, the app both enhances footage-capturing abilities and simplifies the editing process.

“Editing multi-camera video used to be just for just the pro's and video editing fanatics,” says GroupClip on its website. “But now with GroupClip everyone can edit compelling multi-angle video stories in just minutes.”

Currently, the app is only available for iOS devices, but the team is working on developing an Android version that should release by the end of the year.

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