Grounded Shroom and Doom Update: New Boss, Mushrooms, Pets, and More

Grounded 0.1.2 Update
Grounded 0.1.2 Update Steam

Obsidian Entertainment’s survival game, Grounded, received a massive update. The Shroom and Doom Update includes tons of new features, such as new building materials, crafting structures, gardening, a new boss, weapons, pets, and the ability to sit down.

This massive update comes with a patch that fixes tons of known issues, which can be found over here.

New Building Materials

Mushrooms are available everywhere and can be harvested to be used for building. You can chop the mushrooms and grind them into smaller pieces to make bricks. This building material is currently the sturdiest defense you can get to repel dangers.

New Crafting Structures

The developers have added two new crafting structures: the Grinder and the Oven. Both of these tools allow you to convert the mushrooms you’ve collected to solid structures. The Grinder is used to break down the mushroom into small pieces and then into a slurry. Then you will have to use the Oven to heat up the slurry and make it hard. The Oven can also be used to cook the new boss if you find her.


In the latest update, players can use spoiled meat to fertilize the garden to grow anything from raw fibers to toadstools.

New Boss

The Broodmother, a scary spider, is finally here to challenge players. If you want to beat the spider boss, you must head toward her lair near Flingman flying disc in the Hedge. Before heading there, make sure you have an offering to attract the spider. Beating the boss will give you strong items, and you can also cook it using the Oven, provided you have beaten her.

New Weapons

Two new weapons, the crossbow and the ARC.R, have been introduced in the game.


If you want some pets, now’s your chance. You will have to use the slurry to attract a weevil or aphid and make it your pet. Be careful though since pets remain vulnerable as before they were tamed. So, take good care of them if you want them to live.

If you have the Xbox Game Pass, you can try the game on PC.

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