Grounded: Hotfix 0.13.1 Implements Some Changes to Turrets

The Bug Strikes Back Update
The Bug Strikes Back Update Steam

The Bugs Strike Back Update for Grounded was released a week ago and it introduced several things, including new defense systems like the Pebblet Turret and Pollen Turret. That said, a new patch was launched recently that made changes to the turrets.

First, the turrets can now be unlocked on earlier BURG.L chips. For instance, the Pebblet Turret can be unlocked by getting the Hedge BURG.L chip. Second, for you to build turrets much earlier in Grounded, the developers changed turret recipes to require only lower-tier ingredients.

What’s more, the Pollen Turret just got stronger in Hotfix 0.13.1 because it can now stun almost all wave creatures in a single shot. Furthermore, this turret can now slow down the enemy’s movement by 70% for 20 seconds.


  • The amount of extra creatures that are sent during base attacks in multiplayer has been lowered
  • Lowered the amount of negative reputation players gain when hanging around certain areas of the yard that aren't bug dens
  • Players no longer generate a negative reputation with Bees by just being in the Flowerbed area
  • The max amount of flying creatures that can be attacking your base at the exact same time has been halved. No change for non-flying creatures
  • Infected Gnats no longer participate in defense events
  • Infected Wolf Spiders no longer participate in base attacks...for now
  • Defense event creatures are now much easier to stun
  • Defense event creatures now remain stunned for longer
  • Defense event creatures now have a much lower stun cooldown
  • Defense event creatures now take 3x damage from turrets (up from 2x)
  • The amount of attacking creatures sent to larger bases have been decreased in size
  • The creature's stun cooldown has to lapse before they can be stunned again
  • Turrets can aim slightly higher and lower
  • The player can now attack enemies using melee through windows and over walls more reliably
  • Charcoal Torch durability doubled
  • Charcoal Torch now only requires 1 charcoal to repair
  • Charcoal Canteen durability doubled
  • Charcoal Canteen can now hold 6 drops
  • Explosive Burr trap now does significantly less damage to buildings and players
  • Explosive Burr trap now does much more damage to wave creatures
  • All base armor Damage Threshold values increased by 10%
  • You can invite players to your game and join player's games via the Steam overlay again
  • Improved memory usage on Xbox Series S to prevent out of memory crashes
  • Items will no longer gradually lose durability after multiple save / loads on difficulties that are not "Medium"

Grounded Hotfix 0.13.1 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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