Grounded: Home Stretch Update Features Shared Worlds and More

Home Stretch Update
Home Stretch Update Obsidian Entertainment

Grounded is now in its home stretch before the game leaves early access soon. The Home Stretch Update brings a lot of new features, including Shared Worlds and the new Cookery.

Shared Worlds

Have you ever played Grounded with a friend and got sad because they had to leave, thus ending the particular game session? Well, there’s a new feature that can help address that: Shared Worlds.

Shared Worlds is basically a game session that is saved on the cloud, so even if you or your friends had to leave, others can still play without a problem.

Now, there are a few things to keep in mind here. First, you can own up to three Shared Worlds, shareable with others at any given time. Second, Shared Worlds can only be played by hosting it as a multiplayer game. And third, any progress made while anyone is hosting will be properly restored, regardless of who hosts the world next.

It’s important to note that this feature is still in beta, so you might encounter issues that require some shared saves to be reset. The good thing is that you can make numerous copies of your Shared Worlds, so you’ll always have some backups to fall back to just in case these things happen.

Let’s Get Cooking

The Cookery
The Cookery Steam

The Home Stretch Update also introduces the new Cookery. This is the place where you can prepare and cook your meals, including the Rotten Meat Slurry, which you can use for taming Gnats.

If you want to get cooking, you must craft the Cookery by purchasing the Cooking 101 skill in the Science Shop. This will be available once you unlock the ASL Station.

Here are the other notable features introduced in the latest patch:

Convert Non-Custom Games to Custom
  • You can now convert any non-custom game into a custom game at any time while playing to be able to tune values on any game as you go.
Rest Time-Lapse
  • Upon resting, you will see a quick time-lapse of the yard as the 8 hours pass.
BURG.L Moves
  • BURG.L has acquired enough chips to remember he can roll his treads to inspect the Oak lab and fulfill his assistant duties.
Windows Store Builds
  • The "Save Game" interface now allows importing Steam saves into the Windows Store version of the game.
  • Note: The old way of importing saves into Steam via placing them in a specific folder in Windows no longer functions or is supported.

Grounded Home Stretch Update is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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