Grim Dawn’s Forgotten Gods Expansion Release Date Confirmed

Crate is getting ready to launch it's long-awaited Grim Dawn expansion, Forgotten Gods.
Crate is getting ready to launch it's long-awaited Grim Dawn expansion, Forgotten Gods. Crate Entertainment

The long-awaited Forgotten Gods expansion for Grim Dawn has been officially confirmed to launch on March 28. In less than two weeks, Forgotten Gods will be rolling out to PC - and maybe even mark Grim Dawn’s debut on Xbox One.

Forgotten Gods is a massive expansion. Apart from the highly-anticipated addition to the game’s narratives, Forgotten Gods brings new features and content to the mix. Players can experience the all-new story chapter set in the deserts outside of the Erulan Empire. Players can also quest for powerful gear and experience in the new endless game mode, Shattered Realm. With the new shield-oriented Oathkeeper class and hundreds of new gear and equipment items, players can experiment with all-new build possibilities.

Grim Dawn is an action RPG that is widely popular among fans of the Diablo franchise. Specifically, the gaming community has dubbed Grim Dawn as the spiritual successor to Diablo II, and everything that Diablo III should have been. Developer Crate Entertainment has continued to actively support Grim Dawn since its launch in 2016. Grim Dawn has seen plenty of updates, gameplay improvements, and content releases in its three-year tenure as an action RPG. Its first DLC, The Crucible, came out in 2016, and its first expansion, Ashes of Malmouth, released in 2017. Forgotten Gods was first announced in 2018, and fans of the game are excited to see what ’s in store for them in the latest expansion.

Forgotten Gods, coming March 28.
Forgotten Gods, coming March 28. Crate Entertainment

When it comes to action RPGs, Grim Dawn is one of the best out there. Especially for Diablo III players looking for a new experience while they wait for Diablo IV, Grim Dawn is well worth the try. It’s got an innovative and award-winning character progression and development system, complex and randomized loot, smooth combat, and satisfying visuals. With the release of Forgotten Gods, tens of thousands of new and returning players are lining up to play.

There’s plenty of new content to go around, and players are by far the most excited about the new character class, Oathkeeper. What do you think about the Forgotten Gods expansion for Grim Dawn? Will you be taking on the role of Oathkeeper in the unforgiving deserts on the fringes of Erulan? Or will you grinding for the most powerful gear in the Shattered Realm? Let us know in the comments section below!

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