Griefhelm Patch 1.2: New Mechanics, New Features, And More

Griefhelm Hotfix
Griefhelm Hotfix Steam

Johnny Dale Lonack, the developer of Griefhelm, just released a new hotfix patch that fixes a few bugs and adds some new features. One of the new features for the campaign mode is silhouettes. This option allows you to toggle character silhouettes, making them visible through foreground objects. This should allow you to activate your next attacks more consistently. The other mechanics, fatigue and combo timing, adds some realism to the game, which should make it more fun to play.

Griefhelm 1.2 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

Gameplay Enhancements

New feature: Silhouettes (Campaign Only)

  • There is now an option to toggle character silhouettes in Campaign mode
  • This allows the player to see silhouettes of characters through foreground objects.
  • The window to buffer inputs for the next attack has been increased
  • You should be able to activate your next attack more comfortably/consistently

New mechanic: Fatigue

  • Performing multiple swings in rapid succession will result in the player feeling “Fatigue”
  • Fatigue is activated after the first few swings that are chained together
  • Fatigue slows attack speed
  • Fatigue is reset when the player stops swinging
  • Overall we don’t feel that this is a large change - we wanted to see how you all feel about such a system before tweaking it further.

New mechanic: Combo Timing

  • You can gain an attack speed bonus on your next attack if you input said attack at the right time
  • This “right time” is directly after your swing completes
  • Not inputting the next attack at the right moment during the first swing slightly slows the next swing

AI Adjustments

  • AI should now be more careful about when they decide to go for an attack, and should play more defensively
  • AI shouldn’t consider changing directions during an attack they’ve committed to
  • We felt that AI enemies were too easy to bait even on Master difficulty

Changes to character movement

  • Landing on the ground now slows the character’s movement speed for an extremely brief period
  • Attacking when landing further briefly stops the character
  • Upward jumping velocity has been reduced
  • Forward jumping velocity has been increased
  • Gravity should now have less of an effect on character movement
  • We are currently working towards addressing certain styles of play that abuse repeated jumping

Background changes to netcode

  • We are still currently investigating some instances where multiplayer instances don’t quite work the way as we intend - we’re hoping these changes are a step in the right direction!


  • Several corrections made to narrative text
  • Fixed instances where Campaign nodes would automatically complete when the player attempted them
  • Flame Blade now deals the appropriate amount of damage to the final boss as well as enemies in Last Stand
  • The perk Escape Route should no longer have any effect against on the Final Fight
  • All plumes should now appear as rewards in Campaign mode
  • The Flail weapon should now appear as a reward in Campaign mode - This may still be bugged. Let us know if you see it!
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