Grid: First Gameplay Footage Revealed

Codemasters' realistic racing series set to make a comeback in the racing game scene.
The first gameplay footage for Grid has been revealed.
The first gameplay footage for Grid has been revealed. Codemasters

Codemasters’ newest title, Grid, is now running in full gear, as evidenced by the recently surfaced gameplay footage featuring two of the game’s upcoming tracks.

Earlier this week, the developer behind the F1 and Colin McRae Rally series finally announced a proper sequel to its long-running TOCA series, now formally known as the Grid series. The last game released was back in 2014, titled Grid Autosport, and while the title will be revived for the Nintendo Switch sometime in Q3 2019, nothing beats a brand-new game made specifically for this current generation of consoles and PCs. To that end, Codemasters has finally unveiled Grid, the sequel to Grid Autosport, which is set for release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 13.

Fans eagerly awaiting the return of the series can now check out the first gameplay footage that debuted, courtesy of IGN. Check out the footage below.

The gameplay video showcases two iconic tracks – the streets of San Francisco and Shanghai. Grid will feature 12 incredible racing locations, with each location boasting a number of tracks. Shanghai is one of the featured tracks for the China location, and San Francisco is, of course, included in the tracks for United States. Other locations include Malaysia, Japan, United Kingdom, Spain, Cuba, and Australia, which brings an air of diversity in terms of conditions to the various tracks in Grid.

The gameplay also featured two of the many classes found in Grid. The San Francisco track featured Muscle cars for the Stock Cars class, including Ford Mustang Fastbacks and sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaros. The Shanghai track, on the other hand, featured the GT Cars class, including the iconic Porsche 911 RSR, which is the same car featured in the game’s announcement trailer.

In terms of graphical fidelity, Grid looks absolutely stunning; the bloom is all there, and the textures look incredibly crisp. Smoke effects from tires look realistic, and there’s also car damage, which adds to the realistic feel of the game. I did hear some weird audio glitches during the race at Shanghai, although that can be easily fixed, as Codemasters still has a couple of months of development time before release.

Grid is set to be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 13.


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