GRID Autosport Races To The Nintendo Switch On September 19

Race your way to the Switch.
Race your way to the Switch. Feral Interactive

GRID Autosport announced that it is arriving on the Nintendo Switch this September 19. The game boasts being the first full-on racing simulator for the platform. It has been created to offer high-speed thrills mixed in with believable handling.

In GRID Autosport, players step into a career as a pro-racer. Players need to be able to master the world’s fastest cars in order to win. GRID Autosport incudes some of the fastest cars around, such as the McLaren 12C GT3 and the Mazda RX-7 (FD3S) DRIFT TUNED. Players can also try Muscle Cars, Super Modified motors, Hypercars, Hot Hatches, and a wide range of other high-performance cars. Races include the hallowed asphalt of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway all the way to the narrow city streets of Barcelona.

With the Switch, players can enjoy the best racing game at home or when on the move. This version offers players a scalable challenge since they can customize their controls and difficulty level. Whether its nice and easy or super hard, it's all up to you.

The game lets you master five different racing disciplines, which are:

  • Touring: Take on aggressive pack races
  • Endurance: Test your strength in all-night events
  • Tuner: Keep control in Drift and Time Attack events
  • Open-Wheel: Perfect your racing line at top speed
  • Street: Ramp up the fear factor on tight city circuits

The Switch version offers these features:

  • Classic Buttons: Steer, accelerate and brake with buttons.
  • Classic Combo: Steer with an analogue stick. Accelerate and brake with buttons.
  • Classic Analogue: Steer, accelerate and brake with analogue sticks.
  • Tilt Steer: Tilt your console to steer. Accelerate and brake with analogue sticks.
  • Mirrored Mode: Left-handed players can flip the default controls.
  • Custom: Map any control to any button, analogue stick or gyroscopic motion control.

Developed by Codemasters, GRID Autosport is already available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It serves as the ninth game in the TOCA series and brings the series back to a more genuine racing game. The release of GRID Autosport followed Grid 2, a game which the developers believed was not received by the fanbase as well as they had hoped. Feral Interactive is the studio responsible for the Switch port of GRID Autosport.

You can pre-purchase GRID Autosport from the Nintendo eShop for $34.99.

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