Green Hell VR Patch 1.0 Adds New Features and Specific Adjustments

Green Hell VR Patch 1.0
Green Hell VR Patch 1.0 Steam

Green Hell VR recently received an update that added two new features, some adjustments, and bug fixes, which addressed community issues.

New Features

The first new feature is the improved fire spreading system. In the wild, it’s important to use any source of fire to make bigger fires, and this update allows just that. Players can now spread fire, like lighting a torch to light a campfire or, if they fancy, ignite a bird's nest and throw the burning object into the campfire.

The second new addition is the native Oculus VR launch option, letting them use Oculus besides SteamVR.


The game can be quite complicated for some, especially learning how to use the fire tool. So, the developers adjusted the tutorial flow to better explain this game tool. Additionally, torches will now be extinguished if they touch the water, which is something that should have been present since the launch of the game.

Green Hell VR Patch 1.0

  • Tutorial Flow has been adjusted to better explain the fire tool
  • Adjustment of the display of diacritic symbols
  • Hand positions on many items have been adjusted (for example, palm/banana leaf)
  • Badly formatted text in the third article in the third dream sequence has been adjusted
  • Swimming on the water surface has been adjusted.
  • The hand placement has been adjusted while holding mud
  • Torch/Tinder is now extinguished if it touches the water
Bug Fixes
  • Players can no longer fly if they put items under their feet or if they pick them up (especially concerning the Fire Plow)
  • Players can now again change settings after returning to the main menu
  • After turning off the pause menu, you will no longer be able to witness exploding ragdoll physics
  • Players can no longer take items from dreams
  • Players can now normally fill a bowl with a brew from a different bowl
  • The character won't be able to talk on the walkie-talkie while vomiting.
  • The generator handle by the elevator no longer immediately falls out of your hands to be pulled endlessly.
  • Now the fuel in generators will save normally, so it will be full after loading the saved game
  • Players are no longer able to climb almost vertical walls
  • Skipping tutorial during the campfire tutorial no longer leaves a notepad tab highlighted
  • Players shouldn't have a problem with placing their Crafting Tables anymore

You can read more about the update here.

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