GreedFall: 13 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage Released

Accompanied by developer commentary.
Greedfall gets a new trailer.
Greedfall gets a new trailer. Focus Home Interactive

In less than two weeks, developer Spiders and publisher Focus Home Interactive will finally be releasing their next big narrative-driven action RPG. GreedFall is shaping up to be another sleeper hit from the publisher, as we begin to see more and more of the game’s mechanics through a slew of trailers for both its combat as well as the companions you’ll get to meet in the game.

The latest comes from outlet IGN, who have released an exclusive 13 minutes of gameplay for GreedFall, which also includes commentary from one of its developers. The gameplay footage shows off an actual slice of the game, where the player character takes on a mission in the island of Tear Fradee. Check out the gameplay footage below.

In terms of animation and overall art design, the game is making out to be a very impressive title. Movements and animations are fluid, although there’s work needed on some textures like the character’s cape, which is a bit buggy. Nevertheless, the footage begins with the player character on a mission to hunt for some scholars on the vast island, which the developer explains is home to several clashing factions, each with their own plan and ambitions.

The skill, attribute, and talent trees were briefly touched upon, and players will be free to mix and match between several disciplines (magic, technical, and warrior) or specialize in one entirely. This gives players a great deal of variety in how to approach the game, and based on what we’ve seen so far this could be one of GreedFall’s better aspects.

The footage also showed off how some harder enemy encounters work, with stronger foes using shields. These shields need to be whittled down first before you can damage the enemy effectively, and as such to deal with these you need the combined strength of your various companions. GreedFall allows you to choose between a number of them, and you can pick two to take with you during stays at campsites, which also act as fast travel hubs for the expansive island of Tear Fradee.

GreedFall will be released for the PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 10.

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