Gravity Ghost: Deluxe Edition Is Coming To PS4 On August 6

Featuring more challenges and other bonus tracks.
Ivy Games' Gravity Ghost will be getting its release on the PS4 on August 6, under the name Gravity Ghost: Deluxe Edition.
Ivy Games' Gravity Ghost will be getting its release on the PS4 on August 6, under the name Gravity Ghost: Deluxe Edition. Ivy Games

The space-based platformer Gravity Ghost is finally receiving its long overdue PlayStation 4 release, entitled Gravity Ghost: Deluxe Edition. This was recently announced by developer Ivy Games. You can also watch the announcement trailer below, which was posted on Gematsu’s official YouTube channel.

So, what’s new? The Deluxe Edition will contain a brand-new constellation featuring 13 challenge levels and three bonus tracks. A new playable character, Voy the ghost fox, is also available if you’re skillful enough to unlock them. Gravity Ghost: Deluxe Edition will also utilize the DualShock 4’s lightbar to complement the game’s most emotional moments.

Gravity Ghost is currently sitting on a “Very Positive” rating on its Steam page, and rightly so. It follows your usual platformer elements, but what sets it aside is threefold: its play on gravity, its aesthetics, and its amazing soundtrack.

In Gravity Ghost, players control a ghost girl in a most unconventional coming of age story. As you search a shattered galaxy for you lost best friend, you are taken across a whole new world that defies the platformer genre. The game immerses you in a beautiful, hand-painted landscape (or spacescape, as it were). You are launched via slingshot between the orbits of different planets, soaring across multiple galaxies that showcase gorgeous aesthetics. The game’s soundtrack is mixed seamlessly with your gameplay, making it a challenging and relaxing experience at the same time. Not to mention the highly touted cast of voice actors that brings its characters to life such as Ashly Burch (Horizon Zero Dawn, Life is Strange) and Logan Cunningham (Bastion, Transistor).

“After three years of pouring my heart and soul into development, I was excited to share the game with the world," Ivy Games Founder Erin Robinson Swink said in a press statement. "I knew this was my best work but was still unsure of how it would be received. After the exceedingly positive reaction to Gravity Ghost from gamers and the media upon its PC release, I had to bring it to the PlayStation community.”

Gravity Ghost, which was originally released in January of 2015 for the PC, already had plans way back then for a PlayStation 4 version that was supposed to have content exclusive for the platform. After more than four years of silence from the developer, Gravity Ghost: Deluxe Edition is coming soon on the console on August 6.

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