Grand Cross: Age of Titans Early Access Starts Friday

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Pre-download for early access of the game Grand Cross: Age of Titans is now open. The early access itself is available via Google Play for Android until June 30 at 9:00 p.m. ET. Meanwhile, those on the PC can go to the official website and download the game starting June 28.

The game was first announced a couple of weeks back and is expected to be launched worldwide August 2023 on Android, iOS, and PC. It was previously titled Grand Cross W before being changed to Grand Cross: Age of Titans. It offers players the chance to try out large-scale and immersive siege wars on land and air.

Save the Kingdom

Grand Cross: Age of Titans is set in a world known as Skyna, where various battles have happened because of the invading armies of Chaos. The story focuses on Mio and Eujin, who have been summoned to Skyna and meet Destina, the princess of the kingdom. Players can progress through the game by driving away the forces of Chaos by seizing territories.

Lead Your Army

The game has players lead multiple troop types, including infantry, archers, cavalry, and siege weapons, to win battles. There are also air units which add a new strategic component and can even turn the tide of war. They can also look forward to using a giant battle unit called Titan. It is much more powerful compared to other units since it can cause great damage and destruction to enemy formations no matter the terrain.

Game Modes

Grand Cross: Age of Titans has these game modes:

  • Single-player stages
  • World (Field) and Capturing
  • Castle War
  • Server vs. Server War
  • Story Chapters and Territory Expansion
  • Territory Customization

Other Game Features

Players can also take on intense and siege warfare with MMORPG mechanics versus other Alliances through Castle War. Other game features are:

  • Real-Time Strategy
    • Enjoy different strategic elements in field, siege, naval, and air warfare.
    • Form a powerful army and engage in large-scale wars.
  • Powerful Titans
    • The Titan is waiting and ready to fight.
    • It can strengthen the player's advantage or turn the tide of war in their favor.
    • Craft powerful Titans and dominate the battlefield.
  • For the Alliance
    • Play with friends.
    • Cooperate, compete, and win.
  • Build the Kingdom
    • Personalize the kingdom with different themes and decorations.
    • Make the kingdom a home.

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