Granblue Fantasy Versus Closed Beta Matchup Footage Between Daigo And Fuudo Revealed

Also includes a ton of information regarding the current roster.
Cygames finally airs the beta test matchup between Daigo and Fuudo, two of the best fighting game players in Japan.
Cygames finally airs the beta test matchup between Daigo and Fuudo, two of the best fighting game players in Japan. Cygames

After a few weeks of waiting, Cygames has finally released the match-up between Daigo and Fuudo where the two battle it out in Granblue Fantasy Versus. It’s a nice change of pace to see some actual fighting game pros play the title, as opposed to the usual character gameplay trailers that we’ve seen these past few weeks. If you missed out on any of them, check out our coverage of Ladiva, Lancelot, Ferry, Gran, Charlotta, and Katalina for Granblue Fantasy Versus.

This latest footage from the match-up reveals several things we didn’t know about the game before, and we’ll list them down below, along with the footage from Cygames just after the jump.

The match-up had both Daigo and Fuudo choose two characters from a roster of five, namely Gran, Katalina, Charlotta, Lancelot and Ferry. They are each backed by coaches, both heavily involved in Granblue Fantasy Versus’ development: creative director Tetsuya Fukuhara and lead battle planner Kazuto “Pachi” Sekine. The footage also gave a bit of technical background for the five characters included in the roster, which are as follows:

Gran (Character profile: balanced, projectiles/anti-air/rushdown, close-range specialist)

Gran is the titular character for Granblue Fantasy series, and is the most beginner-friendly character in the roster. He’s designed to be easy to control, with relatively straightforward skills.

Katalina (Character profile: balanced, projectiles/anti-air/rushdown, mid-range specialist)

Katalina is an all-around type of character who’s excellent at covering all bases to a certain degree. She can use projectiles, anti-air and charging skills. She has a longer reach with her weapon, which is noticeable compared to Gran’s range.

Charlotta (character profile: speed, quick yet powerful, small hitbox, but her crown still counts)

Charlotta was designed for speed due to her smaller stature, but her blows still pack quite the punch. Charlotta also has some surprising range as well. She’s quite the powerhouse, but still remains relatively easy to use.

Lancelot (character profile: speed, fast and furious strikes, his agility keeps foes on their toes)

Like Charlotta, Lancelot is also a speed character, but he’s more focused on agility and mix-ups to throw off enemies. His moves are comparable to a dance, moving around the opponent to hit fast and often.

Ferry (character profile: zoner, long reach, tools to keep toes at bay, many offensive options)

Ferry has the longest reach of the characters presented in the current roster, owing to her use of a whip for normal attacks. She also has pets to increase her zoning capabilities. These pets have different timings and variations to them that can confuse enemies.

The gameplay also highlighted the use of skills, which I think a lot of casual fighting game players can appreciate. Each character has access to four different skills, which can be inputted by issuing button commands like a regular fighting game. However, Granblue Fantasy Versus goes beyond that by giving players the option to use the skill with a single button input from the D-pad, which could be helpful for beginners and casuals alike. However, skills work on a cooldown basis, and you will get significantly shorter cooldowns by inputting the commands manually rather than using the single button press.

Check out the rest of the footage above to find out more about Granblue Fantasy Versus’ combat system and to see who between Daigo and Fuudo emerges victorious.

Granblue Fantasy Versus is set to be released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 sometime in 2019.

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